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  1. The high here is $2.19 and low is $2.00 and thats prices for 87 octane!
  2. LOL Anyone willing to loan me there pathy? she said she would do it.
  3. Ive got a pic of my fiance standing next to my pathy, shes not in bathing suit but jus tthought id share
  4. Although I dont have a pathy anymore I think Jims idea is excellent. Its a good way to get exposure for NPORA and a good way to get exposure for newbie models. I like the idea as long as you dont get to offensive with the pics.
  5. Nice to meet you and welcome to NPORA Forums!
  6. Well from seeing first hand what can happen I feel the filters are a good idea. All I can say is keep up the good work Jim, your doing an excellent job.
  7. Welcome to NPORA, I hope that you enjoy your stay! Don't forget to ask if you ever need anything.
  8. Hello and welcome to NPORA Forums. For the stereo problem I believe its about 4 screws on the dash and 4 on the stereo
  9. Nick


    Hello and welcome to the NPORA Forums. Here is some links that you may find useful... Brush Guard for a 91' ARB Winch Bull Bar for a 91' Heres a couple of Suspension Lift Options you have.... AC 3" Lift Another AC 3" Lift Trailmaster 4" Lift Rancho 3" Lift As far as your saying you want a LOT of FOG lights.... Im not understanding why you want a lot of fog lights? Did you perhaps mean OffRoad Lights? Anywho welcome to NPORA Forums. p.s. check out this site Automotive Customizers
  10. Thanx for this great place Jim! Welcome to NPORA Forums everyone!
  11. Not sure what it is but to me it looks as if it had once been re-welded.
  12. Im not sure if this makes a differance, but if you read that is a Pathy PreRunner, only prerunners i have seen are on the dunes, and I think they usually run in 2WD. Correct me if I am wrong though.
  13. Thats awesome, Id love to do that to mine, I gotta 350 sittin in the garage, gets me thinkin
  14. I know what it takes for a swap but i mean where on the site are you guys seeing a swap??

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