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  1. For you guys that have an SFD with AC coils in the front, are you running similar specs for the rear shocks like these? Compressed Length 18.52" Extended Length 30:51" Travel 11.99"
  2. Guys, looking for new rear shocks. For you SFD guys, what are your thoughts on these specs. Ford F-250 / 2000 Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable RS999254 Compressed Length 18.52" Extended Length 30:51" Travel 11.99" Finally rolling with 285's and ready for a shock upgrade. The 285's were much more gas friendly then the 315's ouch.
  3. Here is what my lift looked like after installing Krypton Fabrications SFD Lift. With the new springs, I now have a 6 1/2 inch lift. Totally worth it and makes the Pathy look tough.
  4. You guys will want to check out this website for a 4" lift. If you include the AC 2" springs in the struts and longer springs in the rear, you can get a 6.5" lift from the kit. http://www.krfabs.com/product_detail.php?productID=2
  5. Wow, you might as well go for the sub frame drop now. You could get 6.5 inches of height on the SFD. Check out Krypton Fabrications. http://www.krfabs.com/product_detail.php?productID=2 This is where most of us are getting our lift kits from.
  6. Had the same problem before, it was the entire distributor. You could see a small black area on to where it was arching to the body. Another thing i had to replace was the positive connector to the battery. Removed those crappy terminals, cleaned up the wires and installed nice connector J-Block that had two openings that I could install the two smaller gauge wires. Worked like a charm. Good Luck on the distributor. Hopefully that has resolved the issue.
  7. Wow! Those look great. What rear shocks did you finally go with? I want to change out my 32's now.
  8. The CV's are easy to change and will cost you about $70-$90 new, buy Warn hubs and you will not get the wear on the CV boots. Everything else you listed, I have changed myself and you can to with a little work and buying parts online. 150k miles on a 97 is low mileage for a VG33. I have almost 200K on my 98 and it still runs great. That engine and trans is very robust. Just keep up on the maintenance like oil changes etc.
  9. Wow PAMountainbiker, 37's!! I guess no guts no glory. Good luck on that SAS. I have another ride with the Jeep club out here in New Mexico tomorrow, going to climb some large hills. What are you guys using now for your rear shocks on the 6.5" SFD? I need to replace mine again. LOL.
  10. What are you guys using on the 6.5" SFD lift for rear shocks now?
  11. Did you ever install the WARN HUB lockers? That will really help.
  12. Dududckling, can you show me a picture of your Pathy with the rim & tire setup? Still looking at the Pro Comp Rock Crawlers 16x8 but with the 285/75/16 BFG AT KO.
  13. So since were on this subject now. LOL. What is the preload torque? Then how much do you back it off guys? I did mine to a few weeks ago and didn't do it correctly.

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