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  1. I have seen many Nissans when I worked as a Nissan parts advisor and checking them out for sale on Craigslist Etc.that have rusted out frames making them undrivable and junk.I had a 2004 Nissan Altima and the drivers floor was completely rusted through and if you have one you should take a look under there.For you guys, that have R50's or have seen the ones that have rusty frames where in the framework are the main spots that are rusting through? If yours is?have you done anything to try and save it? Thanks Guys! Born
  2. Here is what I have: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-SUSPENSION-LIFT-FITS-NISSAN-PATHFINDER-INFINITI-QX4-1996-2004-COIL-STRUT-/281824776471?fits=Year%3A2002%7CMake%3ANissan%7CModel%3APathfinder%7CSubmodel%3ASE%7CEngine+-+Liter_Display%3A3.5L&hash=item419e10d117&vxp=mtr
  3. How are you guys aiming your Off Road lights? I used to use a garage door but not to sure how far back to be and at what height on the door is right? I have 4300K HID Headlights and my 7" 700FF Hellas that I converted to HID on my brush guard now and I have gone out on the blacktop at night to adjust but there is so much light which I wanted but checking to see how you all aimed yours? to the sides ,higher or lower than the other lights etc..
  4. I think there are alot of threads on here that have to do with tires fer sure.There were a few sales going on for tires and time was running out to get the deals on them thats why I posted it.I think I found just about every place that sells tires online and checked and double checked the Free Shipping,extra deals,rebates,instant cash off,Free Visa cards with the purchase of tires and so on and The place that had the Best Deal out there"That I found" was DISCOUNT TIRE DIRECT!Tire Products - Discount Tire Direct I bought the GOODYEAR WRANGLER DURATRACS 245/75R-16s -$25 instant web savings $60 Prepaid Visa Card $30 Prepaid Visa Card and Free Shipping Ended up costing $160 each Seemed alright of a price to me.I havent bought tires for 5 or so years so I was sticker shocked when I started seeing the prices.
  5. Hey Guys, I have aftermarket M/T Wheels with what the Mickey Thompson rep told me that I have 16"x8" wheels with either a 4-7/16" or 3-5/8" with a -22 Offset I am not sure which one yet? But do any of you run 265/75R-16s Tires on your R51? Do they clear the strut? I am getting ready to order some tires and I dont want them to get here and find out they wont clear my strut if you know what I mean.Let me know if any of you are running either 245/75R-16s or 265/70R-16s on your rig? pics if you have them.Thanks Guys,Born
  6. That is a Good Deal! Kind of far for a road trip like you said.Thanks
  7. So far I have looked at Tread Depot and they have some decent deals W/ Free Shipping and some tire companies are offering $40,$60,$80 off on 4 tires and another $25 off from Tread Depot.I was already checking out Treadwright.They have some Great prices on M/T tires.$108 per tire and $30 shipping per tire but that still is a good deal.I contacted them because the tires are re-treads and I was thinking they might be hard to balance? The girl there said they static balance them and for weight they add rubber on the inside somehow?and they also send directions how to balance them?Kind of sounds screwy to me.Discount Tire Direct has good deals with free shipping and also discounted tire with rebates and Tire Buyer.Now if If I could just figure out what A/T OR M/T Tires I think I want? Lots of maybe good ones to pick from and more money for more plies.I want to make sure I get an excellent tire that does well in the snow because we usually get alot here in Iowa.
  8. Welp I am getting ready to splurge on some new tires for my Pathfinder.I only have a 2.5" lift so I am thinking of going with some LT245/75R-16s or LT265/70R-16s in an A/T or M/T?The factory 255/65-16s look to small and I mounted a 265/75-16 on my spare wheel and it fills up the wheel well so much it doesn't look like I have a lift? Those that have ordered tires online know who has the best deal out there including shipping charges?Thanks in advance Born
  9. Where did you get that light bar? Brand?Part #s? You have any night pics with only the LED Bar on from your driving position? I would like to see how they light up everything.Thanks,Born
  10. That Infinity QX4 looks nice to and quite a bit less?
  11. The CarFax is good! One owner.I have the 5 speed also and really like it.It looks clean.Any check engine lights? The Cat convertors are expensive to replace.Check it out good!At least you shouldnt have to worry about rust like We do up North.The dealer is there to make his buck Like karmann said Cash $4500-$4750 ??
  12. Thats a little high.I bought my 02 2 years ago for $5000.If you have Nissan dealers around you check with them if they have taken one in? If they have a few more miles on them they will wholesale them off to a Pot Lot or run them through the auction.I have seen some nice ones go for about $4000.Good Luck
  13. Amazon had the best deal when I was searching for the best price on my Rola.It is a nice HD rack and they offer an extension if you want it longer?They are $109 plus they want $29.95 shipping still a good price.
  14. Wow that Pathfinder looks like a Monster with those headlights looking at you!Cool!

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