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  1. She's had those tags in two different states.
  2. You'd think he would have at least chosen a purple one to mock me... LOL Especially since my "new" truck is quite purple, and I did use the words "sparkly" and "Alfa Romeo" in the same sentence...
  3. My absolute Crack Pipe Dream car: 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO - I've got a model of one sitting next to my bed. It's one of the last things I look at before I go to bed and the first things I look at when I wake up. Slightly more realistic, but still wildly far-fetched: 1967 Shelby Cobra 427S/C Somewhat Actually realistic - sometime in the future, when I make it big... 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO However, I currently have my eyes on a sparkly little 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV. As far as a truck goes: 1993 Land Rover Defender 110 NAS
  4. I've repeatedly towed 4,000lb trailers with my 99 SE Pathfinder. They're rated to tow 5,000lbs. I've exceeded GCWR on a couple of occasions with no drama. Every time I towed more than a significant amount of weight, it was with a twin-axle trailer, with surge brakes. Go ahead and tow as much as you want. There is no brake controller circuit pre-wired into the R50 Pathfinder. I wouldn't worry about a brake controller. Just get surge brakes, and you'll be fine.
  5. Also, check the rear suspension. If your rear suspension links are bent, it'll tweak the rear axle, and you'll have to counter with the front wheels.
  6. It's highly probable that they were driving up to Rausch Creek in Pennsylvania for the RCRocs competition.
  7. Oh. My. Gods. They need that. For reals!
  8. It's OK David, you'll always have a little invisible tin-foil hat in my eyes.
  9. It DOES require cutting steel, just not chassis, sub-frame structural steel. I used plastic flex-hose to route the air into the air box, and just cut sheet metal. Also, GPG, is that Lake Christie at Rausch?
  10. Um....Smirnoff? Please. Ketel One. Hands down. Or, any of the Russian potato vodkas that you can't pronounce.
  11. If you actually read the Terms & Conditions and Forum Rules & Guildelines that you agreed to when you registered, you would know that this IS in fact true, of nearly every internet resource. This website is Privately owned and operated, and any information contained within this website is properly of the owner of the website, and the owner only, regardless of its contributor. If you submit an editorial to a newspaper, it becomes the property of the newspaper to do with as they will and publish as they see fit. This is the same situation, only digital. I'm going to echo what Red said earlier, EVERY major decision affecting the forum operations, or its members is discussed thoroughly before any action is taken, with the exception of extremely urgent circumstances. Then action is taken to stop the immediate issue, and it is then discussed thoroughly before any FINAL action is taken.
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Awesome! Though, it was actually a stadium parking lot, but who's counting. LMFAO! You're such an ass. Edit: Damn, I needed a hair cut like whoa!
  13. Now that you've studied, go back and mentally work through the problems on your previous tests. That will help put you in the mindset of figuring out the problems quickly and accurately.
  14. I think you'd have better luck on a Toyota forum....
  15. For Math/Engineering type stuff....Practice Practice Practice. Do problems. Then, once you think you've got it, do more. The best way to be prepared in the end of the class, is to stay on top of the work during the semester and keep reviewing/practicing the material. Then, hopefully, you'll get a good grade, but more importantly, the material will stick with you for a long time.
  16. No thanks, but here's one of Adam:
  17. Provided everyone continues to stay within the rules, yes, it very well could be.
  18. Yeah, I wouldn't get within 10 feet of it, regardless. But, I'd still rather not think of that with any....non-visible piercings.
  19. I'd rather it has a tongue piercing than a navel piercing.

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