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  1. Never thought about putting one under the hood, sounds like a good idea for when checking stuff in the dark. I'm lucky with my interior light I can turn it off or on and also set to 'door' so it goes on when you open the door. I also have a rear cargo light too which is now hell bright back there. Changing my headlight bulbs for 5000k brights, they are Osram ones that have a bluish look. I'm sick of seeing an orange glow especially when I am trying to navigate at night.
  2. http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/2x-48-SMD-LED-White-Panel-Light-12V-Car-Interior-Bulb-Lamp-T10-BA9S-Dome-Festoon-/351580245411?_trkparms=aid%253D222007%2526algo%253DSIC.MBE%2526ao%253D1%2526asc%253D20150519202357%2526meid%253Dd0932292817c406b82bd2a19c706b748%2526pid%253D100408%2526rk%253D2%2526rkt%253D9%2526sd%253D131855456806&_trksid=p2056116.c100408.m2460 I recently purchased this product on Ebay it was two Led smd panels each with a total of 48 leds. They came with a bunch of different connectors for different applications. One connector has a spring festoon connector so you can easily connect it to the interior lamp panel and it has a stick on piece for the back of the led panel so it stays in there. The light that it produces is fantastic and I definitely recommend getting them and the price was only $2 for the pair, although it took a few weeks for them to arrive.
  3. What color is it? I have some brown material here that is fairly close to the Nissan stuff. I used it for my fridge centre lid.
  4. Just showing my relay install for my led bar, the wiring going through the grommet in the firewall and the plastic rail thing I found that was perfect for holding mobile phone, plus added benefit of keeping it cool in summer because it's location in front of the air vents
  5. You say it's smelling like burning from the passenger side so my guess is you have been running the a\c and that burnt leaves you can smell coming from the evap box. What happens is the resistor that is screwed onto that plastic box is clogged up with leaves, twigs etc that fall down into the front cowl vents. There is a way to clean it out, have a look in the how-to section. It's called Fire Prevention or something.
  6. Gave the interior a most needed vacuum and washed the front floor mats. Also installed grease zerks to the front bushings.
  7. Have someone press the switch while you unblock the nozzle. I remember getting some really strong masking tape and taping the button down then running to the back and prodded the nozzles with a needle and there was a tiny grain of sand that came out. Both nozzles have been good ever since.
  8. I managed to get a mini fridge/food warmer in between the seats. Centre console required some cutting of plastic. Basically had to cut off the back part where the old lid was and fab up some metal brackets to hold the fridge in place and glue, lots of glue lol.
  9. Finally got around to wiring up my Cree led bar. I learnt a lot how relays work lol. Hardest part was trying to squeeze the wiring through the grommet in the firewall. I had to also unscrew the centre console that surrounds the T handle to thread the wiring under the carpet and up through a spare switch hole next to the hand brake. The switch hole was square and of course the switch that came with the wiring kit was round! So I had to fab a piece of mdf that was square, make a hole in it to fit the switch and covered it with a piece of stick on carbon fibre. Bit on adjustment on the led bar to get the right lighting angle and 3 hours later I was set to hit the tracks. Also found a plastic gutter thing that I found fits my phone perfectly so I mounted it to the top of my centre console where the centre air vents are with some double sided tape. Looks like a factory option. Will post pics.
  10. That's why we are here, to help others in need! Saves $$$ going to auto electricians too.
  11. Maybe the wires aren't touching together and that's why they flicker. Like they are just touching then coming off again.
  12. What if someone rear ends you though? I'd rather them dent the bumper than the actual frame. Think about it. Bumper is easier to find either at wreckers or online than trying to straighten the frame.
  13. Also another thing to check is the big pulley wheel on the power steering pump that the belt goes on. Look behind that and spray some lubricant behind that pulley, or a few drops of ATF fluid works too. I had an annoying whining from that area but it's gone now.
  14. This might sound stupid but did you check the wiring harness next to the trans pan? Maybe it came loose?
  15. You could always try taking it off entirely, then have a good look for cracks along the whole length of it, both inside and out. If there's a few tiny spilts in the rubber you can probably get away with it but if you have big spilts in the rubber then yeah, get a new one. Remember after installing to check the tension on it after a few days of being driven, they have a tendency to loosen up a bit with wearing in.
  16. You can use an Altima speedo needle apparently they are the same.
  17. Helped out a security vehicle, he had run over a bunch of nails, all four tyres flat. Left the car up on bricks, that's all we could find on the side of the road. He watched in amazement that all four tyres fitted perfectly in the back, with room to spare. Took tyres and security guy to tyre shop to fix them which security company paid for. Also helped my wife jump start her car, flat battery because she hardly drives the thing oh and my left rear brake light was out so fixed that. Phew, all in a days job.
  18. This exact same thing happened with mine. I was driving then the dash lights went hell bright, there was a ZAP sound then everything went dead, I had to coast it off the side of the road. The fusible link was fried, due to a dodgy alternator regulator. I had also burned out interior globe fuse and reverse shift lock fuse. New fusible link and alternator = all good.
  19. I accidentally dropped a key down the side of my seat, thought I would be able to get it out but it was well hidden in there. I thought it was trapped in the rail part that slides the chair backwards and forwards so I had no other option but to unbolt the seat. Came out nice and easy. Found the key, it had disappeared under a little flap in the carpet. Sprayed the bolts with some lube, vacuumed the area so it's nice and clean and bolted back the seat.
  20. Upper and lower control arm bushes and rear bushes upper and lower. Wheel alignment after that. That's what it was for me. Mine developed a bad shake through the steering wheel when you hit 50 mph. It was so bad you had to fight the steering wheel and you'd have sore hands.
  21. They are there for you reason, I agree. I believe they are to distribute the wind to create less drag on the front nose, kind of directing the air into the nose, rather than straight against a flat panel.

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