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  1. When I did my flush I drained the old coolant out, remove and scrub out overflow reservoir, then with the rad cap off I stuck the garden hose into the bottom drain **** of the radiator to reverse flush it. I could see little bits of green coolant still mixed with plain water. Then with the hose still running, start the engine and put the heater on hot with fan speed on high. This was to open the valves on the heater core. I ran it for five mins, then turned the hose off and removed it from the drain hole. Lots more brown colored water came out. I did this a few times until the water was clean. I didn't use any radiator flush either.
  2. Could be water pump flinging coolant onto the hoses but I don't know. I know water pumps have a weep hole which is really hard to see.
  3. Hi, sounds like everything is functioning normal. Auto trans will only engage overdrive once the trans fluid temp sensor reaches 80 Celsius. Usually this can take anywhere from 3 - 5 mins depending on weather conditions. I notice if the ambient temp is about 20 Celsius it takes about 3 mins. So by running the engine and then turning it off, the trans fluid will still be heating up a little more before it starts to cool. Which is why you'll find it starts shifting into overdrive after restarting as the fluid will be already heated. Trans cooler is a great idea, heat can kill autos and I recommend changing fluid if you notice it's lost the nice pink color, doesn't smell sweet like it should, also feel the actual dipstick with the fluid on it. If the fluid feels gritty and not smooth then definitely change it...quickly. I change mine every 16,000 miles, some say it's overkill but I have done over 120,000 miles on this current trans, it pulls hard up steep hills with no troubles at all so I must be doing the right thing by keeping the insides clean.
  4. Water pump still leaking so finally ordered a new one. Just a word of warning - there's two different ones, one fits the fan that has 143 mm between the bolts, the other is smaller at 135 mm between bolts.
  5. Ok then it might clear by itself after awhile, worst case scenario one of your injectors is fubarred.
  6. Sounds fuel filter related it might be contaminated. Also check air filter, engine can't breathe properly if that's clogged. If it's automatic, change the fluid. Mine behaves the same way, if it's hunting gears usually a fluid drain and refill fixes the problem because after a while atf loses it's viscosity and makes it hard for the gear syncros to change gear. I change mine every 10,000 km (16,000 miles) some say that's overkill but I've done over 100,000 miles on this trans and it's going great so I must be doing something right.
  7. Could be just crud coming loose from the de icer. I'm not really sure what the go is there, we don't have snow in Australia. You said you used a lot of de icer so it might be just the carb burning that cleaner out. Sounds like it just needs a good run up to operating temperature to get rid of any excess de icer in the intake. So do you put this stuff in the gas tank or use it as a carb cleaner?
  8. Flushed out the radiator and cleaned the overflow reservoir. Refilled with Penrite coolant and yes I ran the engine with the heater on and parked on the slope of my driveway to burp the air out when refilling. Put a new rad cap on too.
  9. Mine does have a drain nut, located under the tank right hand side. There's a hole in the tank splash guard where I can see the nut. It's a Japanese import so it's got those little handy extra things. Go the jdm! I'll take a pic when I get home.
  10. Took the floor mats out for a most needed wash. I wanted to put them in the washing machine but the wife stopped me at the last minute, doh! Laundry trough it was then. Came out smelling nice and later that day met a curious couple who had a dark blue Pathfinder and were interested in my Terrano and the little differences. I actually thought theirs was a Terrano but it had the Pathfinder decal on the back and the rear bumper had the decorative plastic piece on the top of it. Always great to meet fellow enthusiasts! Gotta stay in touch for when part finding rears it's ugly head. Parts are so hard to find now it's either junkyard or Ebay.
  11. Check your tyre pressures maybe. If one is a bit flat then ABS thinks hmm something isn't right.
  12. Can I just mention that in the first pic, up above the climate control top right, is an electric connector, with a yellow plastic piece on it with pink wired. That is actually for the illumination for the altimeter. So you could always go buy an led bulb, drill out the hole bigger in the climate control, connect some wires up to the bulb and to the altimeter connector using spade connectors into that connection, then you'll have an aftermarket illumination set up plus it should be a bit brighter with led.
  13. Also check Alibaba it might have to be an aftermarket part. Better than nothing I guess. My brake master cylinder cap was leaking so I got an aftermarket one. It was sent from Thailand within the week. It doesn't leak now. The only difference between the original one and the aftermarket one was it doesn't have Nissan marked on the top but who's checking that out. The main thing is it doesn't leak and I'm happy with that.
  14. Or when you know most of the roadside assistance mechanics by name.
  15. When you bolt the stone guard back in and give it a tap and say "For what it's worth" like Michael Biehn in Aliens.
  16. ATF or graphite powder. WD-40 is ok, but it wears off after a while.
  17. It's just a plastic cover that goes over the top of the ignition to try and fool a thief that it's been removed to another location.
  18. Watched 'King Kong Lives' It's a movie from 1986 and had a brand spanking new Pathfinder pickup truck in the movie. It's a black and silver paint one, with the stock spotlights on the roof. Linda Hamilton driving it like a maniac too lol.
  19. Ah, the waiting room, I can just imagine it now. The smell of stale tobacco wafting in from somewhere and I bet there's a coffee machine in the corner that doesn't work/hasn't been serviced in years and a spider web in the corner that has been there since 1995.
  20. I saw one where the vehicle had fresh red coolant added, brake fluid was changed and bled and fresh transmission fluid was filled before taking it to a workshop garage. The idiots changed the coolant to green coolant, which was the incorrect color and spec for the vehicle. They also claimed to have changed and bled the brake fluid and done a trans flush. These procedures were completely unnecessary if they checked the color of the trans fluid they would have seen and smelled that it was brand new and the brakes were in top operational condition. They just try to find extra charges to trick unsuspecting customers. The vehicle was taken back to the garage and the owner was shown the video of another mechanic who had done the service before taking to them. The owner bluntly complained saying that the services WERE REQUIRED! There was a court order served on them and they were done for wrongly charging extra costs on numerous occasions and were shut down.
  21. You go ahead and buy one if you want. I know that I can get plastic ones but I'd rather save my money. Butter knife and a bit of electrical tape wrapped around the metal works for me.
  22. My air con was making a chirp sound when I turned it on. Found the clutch plate on the front of the compressor that makes contact with the metal was rubbing when the switch I activated. I got some ATF and put it in a spray bottle, gave the front of the compressor a few atf squirts, no more noise. I use atf for everything, cleans and lubes, it's great stuff.
  23. Shouldn't even need to buy a panel removal tool, I just used an old butter knife to pop out the plastic clips holding the door panel. Just slide in under the clip then turn the knife in a twisting action to get them out. Usually after getting a couple out, there's enough room to get your hand in there and just start removing slowly and the rest pop out. There should be 14 clips IIRC.
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