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    2000 Pathfinder SE Superlux, 5 speed MT, lsd, 1,5" front lift Imal springs, 1,5" rear lift IronMan springs... Cayenne red color, with interior slate - leather package, wood like interior trim, 4 airbags.
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    Part time luthier, part time bamboo bicycle builder.
    Music and bicycles, and now Pathfinders.

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  1. I thought i was looking for Ford heritage.... sorry....?
  2. Same her, I have changed the knock sensor several times, changed injectors, MAF... I woks for a time.. and then.. again... My mechanic said one time, might be the ECU.. i do not know... Still hace knock sensor code...
  3. Mine, a 2000 manual gear, 3.3l, previous owner did a full engine repair at 240.000km (150.000miles), at 260.000km i broke 2 valve lifters.. have to replace them all 12, and re build the camshafts... So far.. it has been a great ride, have done some "long" trips with my family (2.500km - 1.550m), now it has 278.000km (173.000m). Did MAF replacement (Altima OEM), 1.5" spring lift, and some minor stuff... And...We are thinking not to sell it... for now...
  4. I used some thick transparent heavy duty hose... and it worked well, don´t forget to put some grease on it.
  5. Some people have installed thr MAF on Nissan Xterra V6, and nisans 3.3 v6 engines , since both vehicles have the same engine I think it should work ok...
  6. I found this one on Amazon, but I think is the same as RockAuto... And asking about it, I think it works. I hope so... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004SJL8DM/ref=psdc_15730591_t1_B0074NKINA
  7. After changing the MAF, do i have to do the "IDLE AIR VOLUME LEARNING"..? Or just plug ´n play ? (for VG33E engine) https://forums.nicoclub.com/how-to-ecu-relearning-procedures-t445702.html Thanks
  8. TowndawgR50, Thanks for the info... but does it work only for 3.5L engine?
  9. I have been looking sevral models... The model my Path (Vg33e engine) has is the Hitachi 22680 2j200 AFH70-14 At Rocker they have this one to CARDONE SELECT 869937 https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=928354&cc=1212051&jsn=494 or this one refurbished A-1 CARDONE 7450014 https://www.rockauto.com/es/moreinfo.php?pk=417311&cc=1364138&jsn=11 They have cheaper options to....
  10. I am looking for a MAF sensor.. So where to buy the Hitachi afh70-14? Is this one a good option? https://www.rockauto.com/es/catalog/nissan,2000,pathfinder,3.3l+v6,1364138,exhaust+&+emission,mass+air+flow+sensor,5128 thanks
  11. For what i have read... Does the knock sensor in the VG33E engine is "dumb", or something like that... I mean, the engine has a distributor to ignite the spark, so the knock sensor can not delay or advance the ignition... I do not know if I am wrong...
  12. Those two months had been changing and repairing parts from the pathy... on June two valve strikers broke, no mayor damage... Had to change all the valve strikers and repair one camshaft, no damage on the engine. Since they have to disassemble the engine, we change the knock sensor (it had 0325 code) with an OEM sensor... After that... again... 0325 code... so.... One moth ago, I went to gas inspection, did not pass... We found that all the injectors we dirty, clean them up... and all the injectors start to leak... I change the injectors with Hitachis... and change again the knock sensor with one that my mechanic had.... Again.. 0325 code... We verified the cables, conductivity, etc.. and it is good.. no problem with that... Ask with another mechanic about sensors and told me that maybe some OEM sensors may not be read by the ECU... because of materials, construction, frequency, etc... So I decide to buy the original.. (Hitachi) I bought at RockAuto.... Installed... And again... 0325 code... Maybe is how the mechanic install the sensor, should the two cables that comes out of the harness have to be welded... or just one cable and ground (screw) What should I do... Ignore the code? Thanks
  13. Something similar happend to me... Go to the #68 and #72 posts... Works for me... http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/42046-mickmutantes-2000-r50-vg33e/page-4
  14. Fixed the dashboard clock of my father in law's Pathy 2004 R50... You have to resolder all the resistances... NicoClub instructions... http://forums.nicoclub.com/pathfinder-clock-fix-t465835.html
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