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  1. Why not get two relays and run low speed off one and the high speed off the other? Then you need two switches and label one High and the other Low. The switch will have a ground wire which you can secure under any bolt on the body that has metal to metal contact. The positive wire of the switch runs to pin 86 on the relay. Pin 30 is wired with an inline fuse to the positive terminal on battery. Pin 87 is for the positive wire of each individual fan setting. So the low fan speed goes to one relay on pin 87 and the high speed fan positive wire goes to pin 87 on the other relay. Pin 85 is for a ground so again just wire this to a bolt on the body with metal to metal contact. So to summarize - Pin 87 - Accessory wire (Fan speed positive wire) Pin 86 - Positive wire of switch connect here Pin 85 - Ground wire (The ground wire connects to here then the bolt of body) Pin 30 - Positive wire connect here with an inline fuse to positive terminal on battery I hope this helps and good luck!
  2. Whenever I see big sheets of cardboard laying around I grab them. Very handy for protecting the garage floor during oil changes. I currently have a big plastic container which is the length of the distance between the front wheels.
  3. Ordered 20 t5 led smd bulbs to replace all the old tiny bulbs in the dash. I currently have the larger led smd bulbs in there, just never got around to replacing the tiny ones.
  4. For myself the grinding noise was a dry cv joint. Filled it back up with fresh grease fixed that issue.
  5. Sorry JimArm it was the only thing I can find and like was said just soak it in some lubricant or unbolt it to do the same thing. Always best to take photos of it before you remove it so then you know how it goes back on.
  6. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/17227-how-to-lube-your-spare-tire-carrier/Here you go
  7. Back in November 2015 my wife was driving the Terrano home at night and hit two kangaroos. Kangaroos can do a lot of damage basically their tail is all solid bone and is like iron. Amazingly the roo bar on the front was unscathed (did it's job) and the damage was both corner park lamps, left headlight smashed and left bottom front indicator. Both spotties on the front were smashed but I wasn't worried about them because they were all rusted. $250 all up for aftermarket parts and lucky there was no damage to any panels. Since fitted an led bar to see in the really dark roads where there's no street lamps.
  8. There's a topic about this if you do a search. There's a couple of holes top and bottom on the inside of the metal tube near the hinges. You are meant to squeeze or spray grease into these holes until grease comes out of the hinge pivots. I tried on mine but I think they are well crusted up inside. I sprayed my hinges with WD40 and ATF. The thing opens with two fingers and I actually regretted using so much lubricant on it because if you park on the wrong angle it will keep wanting to slam shut unless you use the hinge pin.
  9. You can make a fuse 'lego brick' for emergencies. I have 4*10 amp fuses, 4*15 amp and 4*20 amp fuses then stick them together with sticky tape and they stay put without rattling around plus I can find the Lego brick easily than trying to hunt down a single fuse.
  10. I just spray degreaser and wipe off everything with a clean shop rag. If you are going to use water it's best to cover your alternator and battery and other critical wiring with plastic bags.
  11. I remember reading a thing with the brake pedal adjustment bolt. Have a look at the brake pedal and above it you should see an adjustable bolt for the pedal travel. It's worth a look. Sorry that's all I know.
  12. That looks like a factory optional extra - great job! I was thinking about doing something similar but I decided I like my ashtray for storing spare fuses, you never know when you might need em. I have a volt meter wired into the back of the cig socket as it's an accessory switched deal so it comes on when you turn the key. I just use a usb cig socket plugged in there. You can also get volt meters that plug in there with a usb port on it. Ebay has stacks of them.
  13. Sorry I wasn't having a go at you, I was just saying you did a good job if you can manage it out on the road in the elements. The TD27 is a different beast, the PS belt is easy to remove by undoing the tension bolts for the pulley conveniently placed just next to the battery.
  14. I'm not sure about the side rails being the same width and also the length. The only way to be sure would be to measure the distance between the bolt holes. I hear 300Zx seats might fit, if you can find em.
  15. I laugh whenever someone says "Hah I can replace my headlight bulbs and drive belts" Yeah ok, that's in a dry garage with flood lamps and lights. Now try doing it on the side of the freeway with cars flying past, rain and wind. Then you can say you can do it no problem.
  16. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/JDM-Nissan-Terrano-Pathfinder-D21-88-91-Tilt-Clinometer-Gauge-Altimeter-Grey-/252488833100?nav=SEARCH Get in quick, only 11 hours to go. Currently going for about $110. These are rare things that come up in a blue moon.
  17. My goodness, what a mess. The small white connector that has two pins is definitely the cig socket connector, the pink black flat connector in the top part of the pic is probably for the back of the fan speed illumination and one of those bigger white connectors looks to be for the back of the air con illumination. Somehow they managed to get those connections mixed up with the radio by the looks of things. Idiots!
  18. You could always get flexy tubing so you can feed it to your air box, but if your air box is on the other side of the engine bay it's gonna look weird with piping going from one side to the other lol.
  19. Also fixes the dreaded rattle every time you go over a speed hump.
  20. Myself, being a Terrano owner can tell you that the front fenders are exactly the same as the early Pathfinders (88-95) but I have a TD27 with the air filter housing on the passenger side (in US that is your drivers side position) just be aware of that little chestnut.
  21. Maybe stick a bit of rubber on the end of the door contact switch. I stuck a round piece of rubber about 5 mm thick onto mine with super glue and it's been working great.
  22. That solves the lighting under the hood. I'm interested in the auto switch for the hood, I don't have one of those but I could always install a switch somewhere near the hood release so it's right where you'd be standing upon opening the release lever.

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