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  1. My husband likes to call it the "warpig". Haha!
  2. Are you looking for something like the ARB or more of the factory/ factory option ones?
  3. Rf600 that was one of my concerns, I know with the 240z (s30) I was able to get a list of all the available z-car differential ratios, what car, and what type of differential (r180 or r200). I haven't seen anything like that for the pathfinder (not yet at least). The switch in the door jam doesn't have much effect on the light when I push it by hand PathyAndTheJets. The light flickers slightly. As for the differential I'm just talking about the planetary gears inside the pumpkin not necessarily the whole thing. I know the rearend will swap no problem. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. Ok, I have two completely unrelated questions about my 93 pathy. First I'm looking at swapping to a rear end with disc brakes, my question is I have an LSD rear-end now would I be able to swap that into another pumpkin? Even if it wasn't an LSD model. The next one is my interior light don't shut of when my doors close. I just leave them off all the time because of it. Is that a fault door sensor/switch or something else? Any help with these would be very helpful.
  5. The brush guard that I'm getting is actually the beefier version the headlight surrounds wrap around the front end, there is an overrider bar, and small guards across the headlamps.
  6. Thank you NP670, it just seemed weird to me that only four bolts held it on.
  7. I'm purchasing a factory brush guard for a 93 wd21 and I was trying to figure out how many mounting points there are. From the pictures I've seen there are only two areas that mount to the frame right underneath the front bumper. My pathy is a 93 as well so I'd hope there isn't anything I'm missing but who knows.
  8. I honestly don't remember, we just filled it up on Friday it's sitting at 1/4 and the mileage is 186 on the trip meter.
  9. I try to keep the tires at good ranges (45psi), they are 31s the filter is stock and last I checked was really clean. I do need to change the oil (we just did our AZ trip), as well as plugs and wires. I did try to fill up past what it normal stopped at only to over fill it and upset my boyfriend. He was really mad at me.
  10. It's only taking 12 to 13 gallons.
  11. Since I bought my truck, I've noticed that we cannot fill it up to the full mark. Now we just made a trip to Arizona, driving out there and on the way back we were able to fill it up more as well as the gauge reading higher. Once we got back to California it went back to the way it was before. Could there be some sort of air pocket causing this? Has anyone ever experienced anything like this.
  12. Yes it does, figured out the problem it was a faulty bulb. When installed it was bridging the connection, swapped in a new one and solved the problem.
  13. That a good idea, I just pulled both bulbs and it may have stopped it's hard to tell in the daylight.
  14. Definitely not a hitch connection problem, I don't have one yet. I do know that the driverside fender did take a hit previously so there may be crushed/exposed wires there causing the problem. I may wait until I have a chance to pick up another fender. You can see what I'm talking about in my build thread in the members rides section.
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