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  1. How tight do you do up your oil filter? For me, I snug it up and then back it off slightly, so I know it's made contact with the gasket but not so tight that I won't be able to get it off. I know you are supposed to tighten it until it makes contact then go around again 3/4 but to me that's over doing it.
  2. Accidental magic tree air freshner, bringing the smell of nature into your ride.
  3. I like using the led bar when someone cuts in front of me dangerously. When they get blinded they learn a lesson in safety.
  4. Vines coming through the air vents..wow I gotta see that I hope you took photos!
  5. It's just a shame we can't use them on the road. Even if we angle it down, away from the oncoming vehicles, the road authorities still say it's illegal and only for offroad use.
  6. I'm lucky with my Terrano that it has a drain plug and even a diesel tank drain plug. Why there's one for the gas tank I have no idea but it's there!
  7. But where are you going to plug the heated seats into? You would need the existing wiring harness in the floor panel.
  8. When I installed my leds I never blew fuses. The wattage of leds is a lot less than a filament type bulb. Usually leds have a polarity so if you install it the wrong way around it won't light up so you turn the holder around slightly and reinstall in the socket to get it working.
  9. It really updates the look of the gauges to being more 21st century doesn't it. I remember my guages being this dull green and at night it was even difficult to see how fast I was going or what fuel I had left. Now night driving is a pleasure. Ebay is a great source for all different types of leds. The T10 and T5 are the ones you want and the more leds on each bulb the better. 360 degree ones are best. I needed 6 T10 for the dash and then about 17 T5 for all the little warning lamps. One T10 fits in behind the climate display on my 91.
  10. Vacuum the carpets inside and check the evap box for debris by removing glove box then the metal plate behind that where you can access the two screws that hold the resistor to the evap box. Vacuum inside there to eliminate bad smells! Plus all the above what was said.
  11. Noticed at night my dash clock has been flickering. It sometimes clears itself up and behaves but there's that niggle that I know it does it. Speedo is also out by 4 km/h. Like when I'm doing 60 it's actually 64 km/h. I don't want any speeding tickets so I'll wind it back a bit and fix the clock light bulb at the same time.
  12. Center console that fits around the trans shifter was rattling like a snake and I lifted up that little square of carpet at the front piece and both bolts are just sitting there not even screwed down! Noticed they were a bit rusty so got them soaking in CLR before I put them back in.
  13. With my light bar I only use it on the road if I'm on a really dark back road where there's no street lights. I find it much brighter than even the high beam so I don't have it wired with the high beam. I use the light bar instead of the high beam. It's illegal in Australia to use them on sealed roads, they are for off road use only but at 3am on a really dark road it's almost a necessity. I had someone come towards me with a light bar once, they can blind you. All you see for the next 2 minutes is a row of bright dots.
  14. I've tried this, it lasts for a few days but goes foggy again.
  15. My mate has deciphered the info, I'll start a new thread in the 90-95 Pathfinders page "Manual Info For Terrano" later today when I get time.
  16. Thanks for the great pics, I'll send them to my mate for translating!
  17. I know someone who can read Japanese so yes if you can scan some pages yes please and I'll post the translation of the pages.
  18. I got mine mid 2005, so 11 years for me. Been through about 3 batteries, a water pump, power steering pump and a new alternator. Have done about 205,000 kms (128,125 miles) since owning her.
  19. Yeah I see Terranos are still common in NZ, my mate who lives there was doing a live feed and I saw two parked on the side of the road in the space of 5 seconds.
  20. In Australia they are pretty rare. I see one or two in a week.
  21. I have no use for a battery warmer, I am in Australia where the coldest it's ever been is 32F in winter and I have a diesel that has glow plugs that pre warm the cylinders anyway.
  22. No you'd have it installed on the battery, open the hood then connect it to a power point in your garage or use a cable extension cord into your home.

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