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  1. Thanks, guys! I will try the TCU first, and then the solenoids if that does not solve it. Also, based on what I read on other auto trans threads here I will be adding a plate-style trans cooler and magnetic filter. I just moved to Texas from the PNW so heat will be an issue when the weather warms up.
  2. I have a 1995 Pathfinder LE 4WD. When I start it up, the automatic transmission starts in second and will not shift automatically. If I manually shift it with the gear selector, first gear is unavailable. However, once I get it rolling I can put it in neutral, turn the ignition off and then back on and it starts shifting perfectly normally, including first gear. I have to do this now every time I drive it. Turning it on & off while it is not moving does not make it shift correctly. It has to be rolling for that trick to work. Also, it will sometimes shift correctly on startup if it is really cold outside, but never on a warm or hot day. I searched The Garage and found no thread describing this or similar transmission issues. Any idea what the heck is going on here? All help is appreciated.
  3. I have a '95 Pathfinder. I have been looking around at front bumper or brush guard options, and there is not much out there. I would like something that could mount a winch. The ARB bumpers are not available any more, and are hideously expensive anyways. So what do I do? Go custom fab? That would probably be just as expensive as an ARB. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks, guys. And thanks for the directions, Cornholio. May you find TV for your bunghole!
  5. P1: Must... resist... nasty... joke... about... Canadian... girlfriend... Backing... away... from...keyboard... =========================================================================================================== So what is a good off-the-shelf cat-back system for my '95 V6 4WD Pathfinder LE? The former owner crumpled the tailpipe on a rock, so he sawed about the last three feet off the exhaust system. It is not too loud, but I want to go to a freer-flowing system with larger diameter tubing. And I do not want to burn $700 on it. I was thinking of just going to a good exhaust shop and having them fab me up something, but first I wanted to check on aftermarket recommendations here.
  6. 5523P: Unfortunately, I will be doing a Qi Gong seminar that weekend. Perhaps I can catch the next one. ================================================================================ t: Once I get my T/As swapped over, I will take and post pics.
  7. I have a regular 10/22 stainless. It is a lot of fun to shoot. I like CCI Stingers. I also have several thousand rounds of Winchester Xpert just because I got a good deal on it, but it tends to lead the barrel as the bullets are unplated. I occasionally shoot Aguila subsonic through it just because I keep it around for my suppressed Browning Challenger pistol. The very heavy bullets give more penetration.
  8. I searched and did not find this question, so here is goes.... I have had a '95 XE for a few years. The transmission just died, and I managed to find a really good deal on a very clean '95 LE to replace it. But although the two PFs are the same year, the turning radius is far, far larger on the LE than my old XE. Why is that? Is there some simple solution to this? One thing that raised my suspicion is that the LE has a selectable suspension feature, with a switch to select 'Comfort' and 'Sport' modes. The 'Sport' mode tightens up the handling and stiffens the suspension noticeably. Do PFs with this option have a much more limited max steering angle? Any insight on this would be appreciated, because this LE has the turning circle of a Winnebago.
  9. I have a stock '95 LE I just picked up a couple weeks ago. My previous '95 XE is dead in my driveway with a bad tranny, so I will scavenge the better parts off of it before I get rid of it. Getting out into the woods is pretty tough right around the Seattle area because *everything* is gated and locked. I have been scouting around for some good trails, and about all I can find is the North and Middle Fork roads for the Snoqualmie River down by North Bend, and the Reiter Pits area out past Sultan off of Highway 2. Apparently you have to go a bit farther out to find any good offroading around here. I intend to swap the BFG T/A Mud Terrains off my old PF onto my new one. I will probably throw and ARB brush bar with a winch and lights on the front. My budget is severely limited, so I will have to carefully consider what else is actually worth spending money on. Anyways, I am glad to find this place, and a whole bunch of fellow Pathfinder fans. Thanks for setting this place up for us!

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