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  1. I 2nd the strut rod bushings. Remove the oem nut they used and screw in a 6mm thread zerk fitting then pump them with grease. There's about 4 screws in there you can replace with zerk fittings. Mine used to squeak when going around corners and over speed bumps, since greasing them it's totally quiet now.
  2. I believe there were supports either side of the rear speakers that were for a rear cargo cover. It was a fibre board jobby covered in black felt that had a crease line with holes that lined up with those two bolts in the back of the rear seats so you could fold it up when storing stuff. I would say most people have likely removed them because they were a pain and have them stored away/thrown out/used on a camp fire lol. Would be a good diy project though.
  3. Maybe with age it slowly rotted and ripped away from wind, vibrations etc.
  4. At least you have an owners manual! I wouldn't mind having a copy of that.
  5. I found a yellow invoice in Japanese hidden under the center console. I can't understand it but looks like a leftover transmission ticket they put on the assembly line. Also found a white ticket well hidden inside the sun visor pocket. Also in Japanese, I found someone who knows the language and they said it was a parking card for a car park.
  6. Probably a twig or leaves in the fan squirrel cage
  7. Pulled the front seats out and scrubbed them with some washing liquid and warm water, then hit them with the pressure sprayer. So much brown crap came off hidden in the fabric from the last 25 years of use. While the seats were out I vacuumed the carpet where I found $2 hidden under a flap in the carpet! Let the seats dry off all day in the sun and bolted them back in. The seat bottoms are still wet amazingly so I threw a towel in there for now but it's nice to have dirt free and nice smelling seats.
  8. I would say if the vehicle was built without a check engine light then it's ok to pass inspection. Sure if it's got a check engine light and the bulb is faulty then that's an issue. In the future are they gonna not pass our vehicles just because they don't have HID lights? If they did then that would be pretty stupid. At the least, all vehicles should have an operating park brake light, battery warning light and brake warning light. Those 3 are major warning lights that shouldn't be ignored.
  9. Out Run (one of my favourite arcade games of the late 80s!)
  10. I would be really careful running diesel fuel in the oil. I was talking to a diesel mechanic and he said flushing a motor with diesel requires two people. After the engine is switched off, the properties in the diesel will cause 'run on' and the engine will not cut out and will redline if a second person doesn't block off the air intake with an old towel. It's a dangerous thing to do unless you know what you are doing.
  11. The interior looks brand new still, no melted vents either, unless those are ebay ones! I got mine from ebay a few years back, all three for $50.
  12. I remembered I had some sheep wool buffing pads in the shed but don't have the disc that goes onto them so I decided to make my own. Had some quarter inch mdf board laying around so I measured the disc size so the pad will fit over it nicely. Cut the round shape for the disc, drilled a hole in the center for a flat head bolt to fit through, fit a washer on that with a nut tightened really well on the other side. Slip the buffing pad over the disc and it fits my drill. Can't wait to try it out.
  13. Have you seen the guts of an auto trans before? The atf keeps them pretty spotless inside.

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