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  1. Try running some ATF in the oil for the next oil change. Put a quart in with the old oil, run it on idle for 10 - 15 mins then drain. The atf should get rid of the lifter tap.
  2. It should have come with the car seat. If you don't have one go to a car accessories store and they should have them.
  3. No I wouldn't go removing the anchor point on the rear floor. If you store things in the back there's too much danger of things that can knock the strap loose. It's better attached to the rear of the seat so the strap is off the floor and out of the way of other objects. Photos tomorrow.
  4. You have to unbolt the rear bolt on the back of the seat in the cargo area, then thread in the clip that connects the kid seat to there. To get the strap to fit snug you remove the head rest, then place the strap over pulling it tight then replace the head rest on top of the strap. I can put photos if you want.
  5. An old saying is "cars can be fixed, people cannot always be fixed" at the end of the day the main thing is the truck possibly saved his life. If he was driving a newer tin foil car it could have been a lot nasty. RIP Pathfinder.
  6. Nah sall good, people in Australia don't go running around with guns. Knives and other weapons maybe. Don't see much of thumb lifters these days. Everyone that has seen Wolf Creek, trust me, Australia isn't like that at all. The majority of country towns I have been through all have lovely, friendly people and always have time for a yarn.
  7. I can look at a hill or a sandy track through some grass and you don't hesitate about it. The truck just has so much confidence to get the job done and is made for 4wd.
  8. They are just fun to drive, sure they don't accelerate as fast as other vehicles but it's not all about speed to me. It's about owning a TRUE SUV. Sports Utility Vehicle. I always laugh to myself at these new so called SUVs. They are a SV if anything. I'd love to see one hill climb without getting stuck at anything higher than 25 degree angle. They also have hardly any room in the boot compared to our Wd21 body. These new so called SUVs are shopping trolleys at best you'll be getting only one golf bag in the back. Mine I once got a whole coffee making bench in the back. It can easily carry four golf bags no problem. The other thing that is cool is the fact that people do look at my truck because they are getting rare. It's not the type of vehicle you see a lot of. So as the age increases now, I'm thinking the price IS going to increase for these old iron beasts as long as you keep em clean, maintained and as rust free as possible. Low mileage will also play a factor but I guess as long as the truck is relatively dent free and straight then mileage could be overlooked by a potential buyer. Like you could have a truck that is trash with 100,000 on it but another might have 400,000 and be pristine and clean, garaged and well maintained.
  9. I found stuff like this on my truck too, like the wire that had been twisted into place, holding by only a few bare threads of wire. It amazes me why someone would do something so dodgy, instead of just replacing the whole length of wire, with proper insulation and clean connections at both ends. Do it right the first time and avoid problems.
  10. Ok, found this interesting article for you. Might be fuel pump relay isn't switching off (hence the kill switch was installed) https://axleaddict.com/auto-repair/The-Datsun-and-Nissan-Pickup-Fuel-Pump-Relay-What-the-Haynes-Automotive-Repair-Manual-Wont-Tell-You
  11. Fusible link wire is supposed to feel rubbery it's designed like that. Mechanic showed me when mine fried if the wire snaps when you stretch it then it's fried. Fusible link wire should not easily snap when you try to stretch it. As for the engine 'running on' after turning the key off, this sounds fuel pump related to me. Battery = Check volts 12.5-12.6 at rest Alternator = Check wiring on back of it. Spark plugs = Check gaps are correct Fuel pump is next on the list.
  12. Ok so what is happening when you turn the key, can you hear a clicking or buzz noise from fuel pump? Battery light should illuminate when you turn key to ON and go off when it starts. Sometimes problems occur when people install new alternators but they forget the bad wiring, then they go ahead and connect the old worn wiring and it craps out again. So then person who installed the alternator is in the belief it's the alternator that is faulty when it's the wiring that is having problems from being shifted around or unearthed properly while the old alternator was removed/reinstalled. Check the earth cable from your neg battery post too. It goes down to a bokt on the fender in there. Take the bolt out clean up with wire brush and tighten back up, then the wire goes to the engine block on the side, again same thing, wire brush under the bolt making a metal to metal connection. Then I believe there's an earth connection at the rear of the engine if you can see it with an angled mirror or something. Or maybe the battery is just plain dead or has a bad cell. No amount of trickle charging is gonna fix that.
  13. Actually I thought the '30' was meant to be a red wire with an inline fuse going to the + on battery. That's how I have my relay connected for my led bar and it's independent from the normal headlight switch so I have full control over when I need to use it.
  14. Depending on the size and shape of the rust hole you might get away with grinding it out into a round shape, hit it with some rust proofing and put a rubber bung in to fill the hole, at least that's what I did with mine.

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