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  1. It might be flooded maybe try pressing the gas pedal to the floor while turning it over.
  2. Something like this should help you. Obviously you need a relay to power the accessories you want to run with an inline fuse to the positive terminal and your switch will go to that relay in order to turn things on/off.
  3. Yeah that's the idea, it might at least confuse them. I was bored and just mucking around lol
  4. Correct. Ok, please check your ground wiring for the starter. Even remove the bolt to the chassis, wire brush the metal until it's clean then reinstall the ground connection. The connection to the starter is good too? Also, if you can push start it, check the voltage of the battery with the engine running. It should be somewhere from 13.8 - 14.5 volts. If it's around 12.5 or less then alternator isn't charging the battery but you said the alternator was ok. Wouldn't hurt just to double check it. Also, do your headlights work but nothing else? If that's the case then check the wiring near positive terminal on the battery, check the fusible link isn't busted.
  5. Check battery terminal connections- are they good and tight? You might want to also try testing the voltage. It's gotta have at the minimum 11 volts to start the engine. At rest, batteries should have a voltage from 12 - 12.7 volts. Secondly, check the wires going to the back of the alternator. Is it secured and tight? Try pulling at the wire to see if it's loose. Third, check the fuses under the dash next to the driver's seat. Nothing blown there? Ok good. Try taking off the battery terminals and clean everything with a wire brush until it's shined up with no corrosion. Take the negative cable off first, then the positive cable to ensure no sparks. Reinstall positive, then negative. Tighten clamps. To me it sounds like the battery might be on it's way out. You said it would start after a couple of tries. That is symptomatic of a failing battery. If it's manual have you tried push starting?
  6. Sounds like who ever tried fixing the electricals didn't really know what the f they were doing. Sounds like a nightmare. If I can give some advice, if you have a burnt out fusible link, you shouldn't have ANY power to the electrics at all. The fusible link is there in case of a massive power spike and it's purpose is to burn out to cut all power to the battery, eliminating the chance of a fire. So if you have constant dash lights even with the key removed, I'm thinking it's a switch that has been left on, there's a switch on the centre console (not all of em have it but mine does anyway) that is for park lamps. This turns on rear brakes, front corner lamps and dash lights. I'm thinking that switch or wires are on and could simply just need switching off. Either that or you do have a bad relay, whether it's original equipment or something someone stuck in there because they didn't know what they were doing remains to be seen.
  7. Below (all hands below deck! Dinner's on lads!)
  8. I give you - the ignition lock concealer. Needs some paint so it matches the interior but you get the idea.
  9. Peel. All I can think of is orange peel.
  10. I sometimes wish Nissan made the engine bay a little more 'user friendly' like how about having clips on the sides of the top fan shroud so you can just unclip the top. Or how about a quick release clamp for various things under the hood.
  11. That does sound fishy, mine had 114,000km on it when I got it in 2005. Unless yours was stored away in a barn for ten years without being driven. I suspect tom foolery.
  12. The one with a headlight on it is probably for park lamps. It should switch on your dash lights, rear brake lamps and running lights on both front corners. The one with a red light is probably for the electrical shocks, which may or may not work now. On mine I have four switches in that area, one for led lamp, one for electric shockies (not working) park lamps and one for headlight spray wash. (Terranos came with sprayers mounted in front of the headlights)
  13. Yeah they are a lot better for my ears and no more vibration. You can't really see it but there's foam cushions down the sides of the speaker boxes against the frame and I even put foam under the metal brackets then screwed them in.
  14. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/2621-manual-transmission-tsb/Read this - I wasn't far off. Looks like you'll need another quart.
  15. I just had this great idea to fab up a piece of plastic that fits over the ignition space. Just cut the tear drop shape out of an icecream container using the existing plastic ignition ring as a template and glue plastic tabs underneath it to form a way to slot it in. Spray it to match the console color and when you park just remove the ignition plastic ring and then slot the ignition plastic cover over the top, the plastic tabs slot down the sides of the ignition lock, effectively hiding the lock. Should confuse a thief or at least slow them down somewhat. I'm going to try this!
  16. I've slept in mine a few times, mine has the rear seats that fold forward allowing the rear seats to fold forward flat. I've used it for the drive in theatre too, quite nice on a summer night with the rear tail gate up, some pillows come in handy too. My wife did make a foam base with a fitted bed sheet for the back that fitted perfectly. After the movie we would roll it up and put some zip ties around it so it was ready for next time. I don't know what ended up happening to it though..seemed to go missing when we moved house a couple of years ago.

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