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  1. My Pathfinder won't idle above 400 - 450 while in neutral, but with the clutch depressed and the trans in any gear, she runs high at 1400. Anyway, the dealership called, and they want $4G's to fix everything on my list, so I told them to button it up and stick it outside I will just come and get it... SUX!
  2. So my `96 is in the Nissan dealership today. The idle issue is now coupled with a throttle position issue, where-by the fuel gets shut off at the "cruise" position. An intermittent issue at best, but when it rears its ugly head, is when I need the gas the most. Since I bought a full drive train warranty I attached a laundry-list of items I need worked on, so hopefully I get my ride back in much better working order... and hopefully the warranty covers most of it No call yet, so I am hoping that no news is good news.
  3. I really like the clear turn lenses in the bumper, do you have a source?
  4. Love the set up on your `97. I have a `96 that should look so good!
  5. This started last week. My `96 will idle at only 400 to 450 RPM's in neutral. It is hard for it to stay running when cold. If I hold the clutch in and put the trans in gear, the idle will jump to 1200+ RPM's and hold... take out of gear, and idle goes back to barely running @ 400+ RPM's Does this sound familiar to anyone? Other than this issue, my Pathfinder runs top notch.
  6. Looking good, luckily, when you do get a chance to do the rear lift, it will not take as long to install.
  7. Thanks, I really like them so far... They are stock 265/70R15 (29" tall)
  8. So far so good, the ride home from the shop was smooth and quiet...
  9. Guess what day it is...? Its tire day! Loaded and headed to the tire store for mount/balance...
  10. Started a search for cold air intakes on 1996, and found JACK!
  11. Thank you Rebelord, I have been looking long and hard at the Gabriel assemblies, to just R&R what I have... that way I could get new springs, and not have to mess with the spring compressor.
  12. So the struts are available as a cartridge unit, with the springs and bearings (if re-useable) being transfered from the unit being replaced. @ 224,000mi what should I expect to replace with regards to the struts? Everything?
  13. Yeah, I know... but I get that 'go-fever' that I just want to get modified now!!! I will probably start with struts, as the front struts seem to be bottoming when I hit a bump or pothole... and I only hit the holes I cannot miss!

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