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  1. Welcome back...very interested to see what you end up doing to your WD21. Good thing is it doesn't need much to Overland. A bit of suspension work and extra fuel carrying capacity to start in my opinion.
  2. I have a NuStart that has not failed me yet and is widely available in Canada.
  3. They should still be available. I got mine at Nissan when I first got my truck and was having the LSD and other fluids done. I can't remember how much they were, I would have to check my invoice. I like to leave it in Sport mode for the firmer ride and better cornering.
  4. If you can find steel rims from a first generation Xterra their rims were 15x7 and perfect for mounting a 31. I gave a set away to SpecialWarr so he can confirm.
  5. One of the best investments I made was replacing my fuel cap with a new one from Nissan. I had a bad experience with an aftermarket one...tanked up and drove off then the thing started to overflow when I had parked it.
  6. If I had a 2 door like yours I'd look for the OEM Targa band light bar. You might even be able to get it brand new by looking around. Its part number 999F3W7000. https://www.factorynissanparts.com/parts/1988/Nissan/Pathfinder/SE/index.cfm?siteid=214081 With the targa bar you could put on a much larger LED bar. There are a quite a few members here that have them and I think they look amazing.
  7. I've always used Rob's (member here) expert service and they are also in Texas. He doesn't come on here much so best to just give him a call and put in your order and tell him you are a member. They have the diagrams I think you are searching for. https://www.factorynissanparts.com/
  8. Yeah, I'm quite sure it was for an ignition/engine kill switch and has been disconnected based on its location and where it leads. I disconnected mine when the security key started to act up and I got tired or reaching under my steering column and fiddling around to find that button to start my '95 Maxima.
  9. Looks to me like an over ride button for an engine kill switch. I have a button like that on my '95 Maxima that came with an engine kill installed by the Nissan dealer. Basically, if you don't have the special key to disarm the engine kill you can press that button and it will over ride the system and let you start the truck without the key.
  10. Here is a diagram with some of the lengths in millimetres. (L=mm)
  11. Welcome to the Club. Some of the things you mentioned you could likely find at a scrap yard (wiring harness). If you want brand new Nissan. Reach out to Rob (member here) at www.factorynissanparts.com. He knows what he's talking about when it comes to our trucks. Plus he is also in Texas and their shipping cost isn't bad. Cheers
  12. Welcome to the Club. If you search on here you will see what your options are to fix the transmission problem. Fun thing about the WD21 is parts are cheap and plentiful especially in your state. I would just find a replacement and make sure you have an auxiliary transmission cooler on the new one and you should be good for many years to come. Cheers
  13. If you want a manual...which I understand...its going be harder to find one. You might want to add Xterra(s) to your hunt to give you more options. If you are willing to travel a bit I have noticed there are more manual 2 door WD21's in Washington state for some reason. The red one...if you look at the driver's side rear window it is not tinted like it is supposed to be and was replaced with one from an XE. The other side has the original SE tinted window.
  14. Since you are in California I would keep looking. You're in the land of milk and honey to find a well kept WD21. I remember a year ago there was a red '90 2 door for sale in San Diego for $1,400 that was in way better condition that someone had posted here. Both of those trucks seem to have some mystery behind them. The red 2 door was in some type of accident since the rear driver side window was replaced.
  15. I would still just go out there and tap away along the entire frame. Make sure to check out the horizontal portions too. There are drain holes along the bottom that get clogged up over time. You can use a screwdriver to poke around and open them up. If there is a lot of debris in the frame you will likely have to use your hose and shoot water through it to loosen it up. Squirt some...well a lot of liquid dish washing detergent to help break up the junk inside. I find its easiest having the front elevated to let gravity help move the water through it. Adamzan's keen eye noticed that the rear of the frame has already been plated/patched so it would be good to see how the work was done and how its holding up. If you see that parts are crumbling off then by all means go check out some shops that will weld it up.
  16. Sorry to see you having frame rot. Before getting into how to go about fixing it, I would take a further look along the frame. Tap away with a small hammer and see what you are left with. If you have rot in that spot I'm assuming there is more, particularly towards the rear of the truck. Once you know how much you are dealing with and where the weak spots are structurally more people can chime in here with solutions. You also need to consider the laws where you live. In some jurisdictions it is not legal to weld up frames on passenger vehicles.
  17. Thanks to all who voted for me you all brightened up my day...Cheers!
  18. Haleakala is cool...it was surreal driving up the volcano going through all the micro climates and of course the view from the top. The road to Hana is too cool not to do...red sand beach...black sand beach...7 sacred pools etc and literally hundreds of waterfalls along the way. One part of it near the end you feel like you are in Jurassic Park.
  19. Make sure you do 'The road to Hana' while you are there...one of my favourite rides ever. The changes in scenery and climate need to be experienced. There are plenty of cool Nissan Surf rigs in Maui last time I was there, especially on the North Shore 'Pe'ahi'...hope you can take some pics soon to share your findings
  20. Just make sure you have an OEM Temp Sensor from Nissan. The after-market one's do not last long and the difference in price is minimal. Mine died a year after install and others have had the same experience as I did with Temp Sensors.
  21. Unfortunately, I had those trucks before the age of digital photos. However, if you picture search on Google the Terrano WD21 you will see that they did have running boards from Nissan that integrated into the fender flares. Plenty of pics of that to give you an idea of that style. The tube one's you have install differently...they do attach to the frame with the brackets you have. There was someone here that had a write up of their install with pics.
  22. To be clear...are you talking about a proper running board or the tubular nerf bars that became an option. I had running boards on an '88 and '90 that were from an after market manufacturer and were installed with brackets to the body and not the frame. The Nissan tubes do attach to the frame like 'xterra' mentioned.
  23. Salut Yannick...Welcome to the Club!
  24. I hear you. I guess you won't totally know until you see it for yourself. I hope it works out for you. I love the 2 door design. I found a '90 2 door 5 speed for $500 over the summer but it was quite far from me and the owner got cold feet when I told them I would need to have it shipped. I would bet he would take $300 to get rid of it in its current condition. It never hurts to ask. Good luck.
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