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  1. It was the fusible link! fixed and back on the road! Thanks everyone!
  2. Are there other fuse links other than the ones at the positive battery terminal?
  3. Also, where are the fusible links for the ignition and where is the inhibitor, starter and interlock relays? Its a 2wd so do i have an interlock relay?
  4. So as i was pulling out the instrument cluster while the car was running (palm to forehead) to change a bulb I mistakenly pulled the wires out of the radiator fan switch that the PO installed and the car shut off. After I installed the wires back onto the switch and reconnected the battery i went to turn it over and nothing happened. No lights on the cluster, no click, nothing.... The radiator switch is power by a wire stuck in the empty relay space in the driver side fuse box, hazards will turn on, headlights work, power locks work but that's it. I checked connections and nothing looks fried. I do have the factory security switch at my center console that has never lit up when on or works at all to my knowledge. I leave that switch at the in between point where it says "impact". What the hell did i do to my pathfinder? Please help, my wife is heckling the @!*% out of me.
  5. So i put everything back together ( fan wiring and inspected all wiring and instrument cluster). Nothing hapens when i turn the key and cluster does not light up. Hazards still work, power locks work, headlight works. Thats about it though. My Pathfinder does have the factory secrity swith on the center console. It was not on, the button was in between on and off.
  6. The PO did run a wire from the empty relay slot in the fuse box. That's the wire that initially snapped off. My FSM says and shows nothing in that one.
  7. So, a little update. In pulling the bezel a pulling back the lower piece that covers below the steering wheel I pulled out the wires on the switch(which the PO installed) for an aftermarket radiator fan. I had the car running while I did this (don't ask me why I thought this was a good idea). As soon as the wires got pulled out the car shut off and the cars power locks unlocked. I tried turning it over and nothing happened, no click not lights on the cluster, nothing. I haven't plugged anything back in yet but when I do should I expect everything to be working again or does my car think I just got in a front end collision and I'll have to do some reprogramming?
  8. Thanks guys! I'll pull it apart and if a new bulb does the trick. I found the wiring diagram on the FSM and it looks super simple. It is one GY wire that goes directly from the OD switch to the light bulb.
  9. Hey there! I noticed yesterday that my overdrive was off (probably from my 2year old pretending to drive) but the "O/D off" light on the cluster was not on. So I switched it on and off and it still wouldn't come on. It seems that overdrive is still working. The tranny reacts when I turn it on and off. I looked in my Haynes manual and couldn't figure it out on the wiring diagram and there is nothing that mentions the overdrive light. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. So since I've owned this vehicle it hasn't worked at 100% til now and WOW what a vehicle! It runs and picks up like a bat outta hell! I'm hoping this vehicle lasts a really long time!
  11. Problem Solved!!!! It was the ECU!!!! Got one off ebay for $20, swapped it out and it worked like a charm! Fingers crossed it stays that way! Thanks everyone for all the help!
  12. Do you just run the middle seat waist strap for your kid's car seat? I do that for mine but it wiggles around a lot and makes me a little nervous.
  13. He pulled out the cluster and everything looked good.
  14. My mechanic and i both checked all of that wiring and found nothing damaged. One thing my mechanic noticed today when checking the injectors is that once he revs it to 2k rpm when it bogs the injectors drop out. So that would mean its a issue with output, right? Him and I both today came to the conclusion that it would it could be something with the ECU and worth spending $40 on a used one to give it a try.

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