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  1. I have a 95 nissan pathfinder that has no roof rack on it. I would like to install a universal on that fits in the door jams and can come off when im done using it. I purchased one on eBay and the clips did not aline with the door. If there is anyone who knows of a roof rack that will fit please let me know ASAP. Thanks
  2. Thank you I will do that. Over the summer I used Eastwood interior Frame coating on the inside of the box frame to slow any rust and on the exterior of the frame I used Eastwood rust encapsulator which has held up great. The patch is strong no issues with that. I may bring it into a weld shop and see what they can do I will update when I figure out if they can weld another patch over this hole.
  3. Thanks for all the help. The timing belt has been replaced not to long ago. The frame is in decent shape for a New England car. It is still very solid. Going off the tapping noise coming from the engine should this be a major concern? Or do I just live with it? I dont want to be doing internal damage to the engine.
  4. Thanks for the quick feed back. This is really the only problematic section of the frame I see. Would bringing it to a frame welding shop be a good idea?
  5. Picked up this Pathfinder it has 95,000 original miles. It has only had one owner. Still have the original window sticker when purchased. It has been garaged all its life. Please let me know if there is any mods I should do and what things I should do to keep it running strong. I also notice a ticking noise (valve tapping noise) it only happens when in drive. I dont know really what that noise is or if that is just how the engine sounds. Thanks
  6. This is the rusted weld on the body mount
  7. I have a body mount weld that has rusted away. Please let me know if this is a big issue and ways to fix this problem
  8. file:///Users/carlpeterson/Desktop/thumb_IMG_1152_1024.jpg
  9. I am new to NPORA and have owned two pathfinders my original pathfinder was a 97 and my new one is a 95 red Nissan Pathfinder. It was owned by one original owner. It has 95000 on it. Supposedly it has been garaged all its life. Please let me know what I should do in order to keep this pathy running strong and clean.

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