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  1. Usually they are ran with a wire to the low beams wire, so you have to have the running lights on to have the fog lights on. If you hear the relay clicking it's means that wire is probably good. So you might have a broken wire to the light. The best thing I can say is go around and check for continuity on the wires.
  2. I don't go offroading a lot but do have a group of buds who go up often. Ive been with them and only had to get pulled twice. That's when my rocker panels got smashed. I was thinking swapping the whole 3rd would have been easier then getting the lsd itself, glad to know that it's a drop in. Guess I need to go source a 3rd member and some gear oil. It's gl-4 80w90, with an lsd additive correct?
  3. So im tired of getting stuck with one tire on the air, and having friends pull my up the tiny off camber hills. I was wondering if it's just a drop in or did the lsd rears have stronger axles? I know, I know "Why not just swap the whole axle and get disk brakes?" Well I would like to, but if I want the disk brakes couldn't I just swap the hubs assembly?
  4. Rape I swear it popped up because I just saw the meme
  5. I think you can unplug the neg. terminal and press the break for a bit, and also use the key to apply the accessories function just to be sure.
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