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  1. Finally installed my Doug Thorley headers on my 1995. They've only been sitting in the closet for 5 years.
  2. Didn't work for me either. I bought 3 different kinds and tried each on on a cross country trip.
  3. This looks great. I don't really want to fskc with the washer reservoir. I wonder if we could just heat it up and melt it a bit to get the clearance?
  4. Do you still have your blue one?
  5. I used silicone spray on mine and it helped considerably.
  6. I would be checking the wiring harness for breaks. No Reverse is not good though. That’s usually the first thing to fail. I drove my old wd21 for a year with no reverse before I replaced the trans.
  7. That would only happen if the transfer case is engaged or the front hubs are locked. If you drive slowly are the cv axles turning? It is possible the grease fitting has failed as well.
  8. The switch on the steering column is notorious for going bad. Take it apart and look at the contacts.
  9. Lol, the hell with that. I've never smelled fumes so strong in my life. Also the original 26 year old starter finally gave up the ghost on the weekend. Got that swapped out fairly quickly, way easier on a manual!
  10. I think I have a few of em too from yard runs. Sadly no wd21s in the yards here for quite some time.
  11. Changed the oil. Castrol 5w30 and a random fram filter I found in the garage. Found my exhaust leak, the drivers side pipe to the y pipe, gasket/flange is blown out at the bottom. I have doug thorley headers in the closet for 3 years. So I will weld the flanges shut on these old pipes so I don't die of asphyxiation in the mean time.
  12. I'll get one tomorrow. My odo reads exactly what you want hahaha.
  13. Funny enough, at least where I live, the pathfinder is a classic now. I even have it insured with Hagerty's...
  14. Yep, mine has it, guess no one has removed the arm yet.
  15. Lol if you google "weld gas tank" most of the results suggest to fill it with water to avoid any problems... Although for a wd21 the tanks are cheap, just buy a new one. I could see how what you were working on would be harder to find.
  16. Sounds like the hell I went through putting an aftermarket one on my old 94. I got so pissed off that I just shelled out the $200 to Nissan for one that fit.
  17. Where I live that is pretty much mandatory lol... On my old truck I snapped all 6 screws off inside the tank.
  18. You mean the sending unit? Provided it wasn't corroded and your gas gauge worked fine, no issue in reusing it.
  19. There used (or still is) to be a place in California called Nissan only wreckers. I've bought several parts from them and it was great, considering I live in Canada and I haven't seen another wd21 where I live in a long arse time. So it appears to be a pretty good business lol
  20. Worst case scenario a new tank is only $110. Small price for peace of mind if you find it is full of junk. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1995,pathfinder,3.0l+v6,1211993,fuel+&+air,fuel+tank,6268?
  21. 3682 is the Fram number and the right one for this engine. The 3614 is just a shorter filter and not the right one. It may also have a built in bypass while the one for our engine does not (this engine has it's own on the filter mount). Someone probably just slapped the 3614 on there because they didn't have any 3682. Don't believe the BS on the fram filters, the tough guard or the ultra filters are actually very good.
  22. 31x10.5x15 was a stock size. If the rear is rubbing (like over bumps) then your coil springs have sagged.
  23. The power terminal from starter to battery is just a 0 gauge wire with no fuse so I wouldn't go sticking anything down there. You can get those strap oil filter wrenches that usually works. I've also driven a screwdriver through it to turn it loose. As long as you spray some brake clean on the starter shortly afterwards it'll be fine. I've never had oil "kill the starter" doing it this way.
  24. I definitely would have done the same... Mangle first read how to take apart later haha. If you can't get it straight enough to work I can probably send you the one I have.
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