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  1. She's ginger, not sure if that's better or worse... Anyway, banned for not fact checking first!
  2. Banned for not being able to enjoy daylight
  3. ^ randomly clicks links hoping for inappropriate things < don't know what day it is to begin with v shoud REALLY get that lump checked...
  4. Banned for not making it 'fun' awkward
  5. I just used a factory one when i had mine, I had to shave like 2 inches off the overall length because of the sunroof.
  6. As stated by Red,wd21/d21 doors interchange, just have to change over the wiring harness for power options since they cosmetically changed the door panels and different switch layouts (not really an issue if your making 1/2 doors). As for the sunroof, 1st gen Frontiers and Xterras may be an option as I believe the shade for an Xterra fits a wd21 sunroof (not really a great way to judge) and I know I personally had the glass gasket and latch from a Frontier on mine. Not sure on the glass itself though
  7. Lancaster... Pathfinder is just the name of his amish buggys horse!
  8. Price seems good for my area, good luck with the sale. Don't be too harsh on the JK Unlimited, depending on the year. Hopefully you have the Pentastar and your not stuck with the 3.8. And watch leaving the top off parked in the rain, the clockspring dont like it too much
  9. I belive one Mr. Vincent Diesel once said "It doesnt matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning's winning." The man is a poet
  10. Last time I payed enough atention to console online other people were complaining that you had to have Plus to play GTA online on the PS4. of course that was around the time of the last PS3 update for GTA as well.
  11. Just meant as a differnt way of saying 'remote start' (for say warming up a cold vechile without leaving your house on a cold morning. hit a button on a fob and it runs for a few minutes but still needs the traditional key in the ignition to actually drive it as touchong the brake pedal usually overrides the remote system), not meant as a push button on the dash type setup the way i read it at least.
  12. one of the best parts of Spintires on pc was the mod community, not sure how well tbats establised with current gen consoles (as little as i play my PS3, i cant justify the buy in of any of the current gen consoles AND pay for online)
  13. the one i drove was WhiteOwl, the parts donor ToolShed, the hardbody WhiteOwl replaced was TrueValue/the Wheelbarrel, the Wrangler that replaced WhiteOwl is currently just Heep right now
  14. It's tapatalk, it shows an error and natural instint is to re-submit when a refresh is all that's necessary. I removed the 4 duplicates.
  15. TAKOS Tuesday is ALWAYS priority!
  16. Not to be that person but they have a warranty policy, and you chose not to follow it. I wouldn't personally refund without having the unmodified part in my hand to see it wasn't installer error and indeed an error on manufacturing end (not pointing fingers at your shop you used). Inconvince? Sure, but I don't see too many companies just randomly sending new parts out over a cell phone pic. (And I'm victim of Rockauto's complete lack of caring after taking your money even when following there warranty steps)
  17. Wouldn't mind having someth I ng with decent suspension and run time to play with in my yard/the hill behind my house. My older XMods Titan eats batteries.
  18. Grocerys! As stated, you would probably be better just getting it running then selling/trading for a 2wd. It's not so much a "can't be done" thing as just a work smarter not harder thing.
  19. In PA, plates only transfer to new owners if it's a classic/antique plate (if the seller chooses to do so) or if ownership is transferred to a child/parent (again, if chosen to). Getting a R title from a salvage certificate sucks, same with a homemade trailer, and 'bill I sale' don't fly-gotta have a title (which sucks as I have a homemade trailer I want to plate. Have to look into registering it in a different state I guess)

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