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  1. We ran half of the Naches Trail today. It was great, Id be interested on doing it again before the trail closes for the winter November 15
  2. Does Saturday October 15th work for anyone?
  3. I'm thinking a run through Naches would be better. Early November
  4. I went out to Elbe today to check it out. Definitely pretty muddy and slippery. I'm not sure a stock Nissan can make it through most of the trails. I definitely prefer the Wheeling of Eastern Washington where it's a little more dry and scenic
  5. I had the General Grabber AT2's on my pathfinder and they were amazing on and off road. I highly recommend them, especially since they are cheaper.
  6. Trail info: http://www.pnw4wda.org/trails/washington/elbe_hills.htm
  7. Would enough people be interested in a November Elbe Hills day trip?
  8. I have a 93, how can I tell what interval mine has?
  9. I found this article from car and driver circa 1990. ENJOY! http://m.caranddriver.com/comparisons/1991-ford-explorer-eddie-bauer-vs-gmc-s-15-jimmy-slx-isuzu-trooper-ls-jeep-cherokee-laredo-mitusbishi-montero-ls-nissan-pathfinder-se-and-toyota-4runner-sr5-archived-comparison-test?build-2015112218
  10. That's where I have it set, would it still not start even if it was close? I've been smelling hot electrical from somewhere between the battery and firewall, it's not the fuses there, they don't smell or look burnt. I also heard a rapid clicking noise coming from right behind the engine above the trans...starting to think I may have blown something somehow.
  11. I'm following the Haynes manual to the best of my ability. from what I can tell the number 1 cylinder is the front left one, I follow that wire to the distributor cap and then point the rotor at that while the crank pulley is on the second Tic which should be TTC
  12. I've tried turning the key a little until the timing marks are aligned roughly, and then inserted the distributor with the rotor pointed towards the number one cylinder, but it still won't start.

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