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It would be nice to have a post devoted to Acronyms for reference from time to time. I just threw a couple of common ones out there. Please feel free to correct me. Also, please post the ones that come to your mind or PM me. I will edit the 1st post to include what you've added and keep them alpha/numerical order.


Not that I am looking to maintain a "G" rating, but would like for this post to be useful. If a suggestion gets too stupid or plain vulgar I won't edit the post. You will have to start your own post.


Hope you find it useful, interesting and maybe even fun. Here we go!




5MT = 5 speed manual transmission

6MT = 6 speed manual transmission

4EAT = 4 speed automatic transmission

ABS = AntiLock Brake System

AC = Automotive Customizers www.4x4parts.com

A/C = Air Conditioning

ASE = Automotive Service Excellence

AT = Automatic Transmission

ATF = Automatic Tranny Fluid

AWD = All Wheel Drive

BDC = Bottom Dead Center

Bhp = Brake Horsepower

BJ = Ball Joint

BL = Body Lift

BTDC = Before Top Dead Center

CAI = cold air intake

Cat = Catalytic Converter

CEL = Check Engine Light

CF = Carbon Fiber *or* Cubic Feet

CFM = Cubic Feet Per Minute

CL = Center Link

CV = Constant Velocity

CVT = Continuously Variable Transmission

DS = Drive Shaft

Diff = Differential

DIN = The standard radio slot (about 7"w x 2"h)

DOHC = Dual over head camshafts

Dyno = the “rolling road†where a vehicle’s power is tested

ECU = Engine Control Unit

EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection

EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation

FMIC- Front Mounted intercooler

FSM = Factory Service Manual

FWD = Front Wheel Drive

JDM = Japanese Domestic Market

HID = High Intensity Discharge Headlights

HP = High Pinion or Horse Power

IA = Idler Arm

IAB = Idler Arm Brace

IAC = Idle Air Control Valve

IB4TL = In Before The Lockdown

IC or I/C = Intercooler

IFS = Independent Front suspension

IRS = Independent Rear Suspension (or Internal Revenue Service)

JGC = Jeep Grand Cherokee

KPR = Kilometers Per Hours

Kw = Kilowatts (like HP in the metric system) 1kw = ~1.341 HP

LCA = Lower Control Arm

LHD = Left Hand drive

LSD = Limited Slip Diff

LP = Low Pinion

MAF = Mass Airflow Sensor

MAP = Manifold Air Pressure

MPFI = Multi Port Fuel Injection

MPG= Miles Per Gallon

MPH = Miles Per Hour

MTF = Manual Tranny Fluid

MT = Manual Transmission

NOS = Nitrous Oxide Systems

NGK = maker of spark plugs

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer

O2 = Oxygen

PA = Pitman Arm

PB = P'Blaster

PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation (valve)

Pot = number of pistons per caliper (ie: 4 pot brakes)

PS = Power Steering (could mean Post Script)

PSI = Pounds per Square Inch

PTO = Power Take Off system

RP = Ring and Pinion

RHD = Right Hand Drive

RPM = Revolutions Per Minute

RWD = Rear Wheel Drive

SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers

SAS = Solid Axle Suspension

SC or S/C- Supercharger

Speedo = Speedometer (or :gay: men's wear)

SOHC = Single over head cams

SYE = Slip Yoke Eliminator

SL = Suspension Lift

Tach = Tachometer

TBI = Throttle Body Injection

TB = Throttle Body

T-Belt = Timing Belt

TBar = Torsion Bar

T/C = Turbocharger

TC = Torque Converter

TCU = Transmission Control Unit

TCM = Torque Control Module

TDC = Top Dead Center

TMIC = Top Mounted Intercooler

TPI = Throttle Port Injection (or tuned port injection)

TRE = Tie Rod End

T-Stat = ThermoStat

TSB = Technical Service Bulletin

TT = Twin Turbo or Turbo Timer

TCase = Transfer Case

TPI= Threads per inch

TPS= Throttle position sensor

UCA = Upper Control Arms

VC = Viscous Coupler

VIN = Vehicle Identification Number

VVT = Variable Valve Timing

WMS = Wheel Mounting Surface

Whp = Wheel Horsepower




Specific to Nissan Models:



WD21 = 87-95 Pathfinder

R50 = 96-2004 Pathfinder

R51 = 2005-up Pathfinder

D21 = 87-97 Nissan pickup

D22 = 98-up Frontier


H233B = Hitachi 233 B (as opposed to A, B is most common)(V6 Pathfinder rear axle)

R200A = V6 Pathy front differential


SC = Supercharged ( R ) R also means oversized turbo when used next to T or TT

SOHC = Single OverHead Cam

DOHC = Dual OverHead Cam

OBD II- On board diagnostics system (95 and up) Also refers to the newest emissions standards

TD27T = Nissan 2.7l diesel engine

VG30i = 87-89 3.0L V6 Engine (TBI)

VG30E = 90-95 3.0L V6 Engine (MPFI)

VG33E = 96-00 3.3L V6

VQ35 = 01-05 3.5L V6

VK56DERRTT = VK series 5.6L DOHC direct injection SC'd, oversized twin turbos



The VQ35 came in... (not limited to)

(First set of numbers is HP, second is torque)

2001+ Pathfinder VQ35DE/240/265

2002 Altima VQ35DE/240/265

2003+ 350Z VQ35DE/190/205


Non Technical:



AFAICT = As Far As I Can Tell

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

AKA = Also Known As

BFH = Big Freakin Hammer

BOHICA = Bend Over Here It Comes Again

BS = Back Space (or Bull $hit)

BTW = By The Way

DD = Daily Driver

DIY = Do It Yourself

FS = 4sale

FSM = Flying Spaghetti Monster

FTW = For The Win

FUBARed = F'ed Up Beyond All Repair

FYI= for your information

HW = HomeWork

IBMS= I bruised my spleen

IDB = In Da Butt

IIRC = If I Remember Correctly

IMHO=In My Humble Opinion

IMO = In My Opinion

KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid

LOL = Laughing Out Loud

LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off

MSIB2 = My Spleen Is Bruised As Well

NA or N/A- Naturally Aspirated

NSFW = Not Safe For Work

NWS = Not Work Safe

PITA = Pain In the A$$

PHDTS = Push Her Down The Stairs

PM = Private or Personal Message

POHO = Post Whore (A place to shoot the breeze. everyone's welcome. Nothing serious please.)

POS = Piece of $hit

ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing

ROFLMAO = Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off

SNAFU = Situation Normal, All F*cked Up

SOL = $hit Outta Luck

TB = Trail Bitch... (anyone in the passenger seat) :D

TLA = Three Letter Acronym

TWAN = Tool Without A Name

TYVM = Thank You Very Much

TYVMAH = Thank You Very Much Ahole

WFO = Wide F'ing Open

WTB= Wanting To Buy

WTF = What The F$$k

WOT = Wide Open Throttle (maybe technical vs non) :shrug:

W/ = With

W/O = with out



Us being Us:



supr3m3 h4x0r 43v3r = Homage to '88

88 = Aaron, Forum Admin

B = Precise1, Moderator

K9= Pezzy Stalker

Slick = Postwhore

Dowser = :ill:

TNZ=TerranoNZ :lol:

Cheese Whiz = Any dork dating Casey's daughter

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lol, you are right, what i meant to find out is if Strut Rod is the same as a torsion bar.


That is what tells you to look at Push Bar.


Im assuming its the same as above, where it just says strut, it lists a bar connecting the LCA to the frame.

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Newbie here....I was so excited to find this thread so I could finally figure out WTF is an SFD!! Seen it in many posts related to suspension...but can't figure it out to save my life....anybody?


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