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  1. I have a homemade plug and play harness for my nissan terrano regulus headlights. I did not make this harness myself, but I can give you pictures so you have an idea. It was made using Nissan relays, the HID headlights get their power from the battery but power is triggered by the 9004 sockets (qx4 used 9004 sockets from 97-99... 99.5-00 use a different plug) Everything is powered except for the auto leveling, I do not have the plugs or switch for leveling but i would love it!! I want to upload a picture of the harness but I do not see an option to upload photos? Is this outsourced photo hosting only now?
  2. Thanks for your insight!! I can see momo does -93 and then 94+, that throws me off even more I am OK with eliminating cruise as it's broken anyways. I'll just have to try and see what happens
  3. Hey all, I'd like to install a Grant GT steering wheel in a 1995 Pathfinder, but Grant GT says their adapter kit only works from 1987-1994 Does anybody know what the difference is between 90-94 and a 1995 steering wheel setup?? Has anybody installed a wheel in a 95? Thanks!!
  4. My OEM bushings were toast at 100k miles (to the point where they were dangerous). I put the 4x4parts.com poly ones on and VERY glad I did because i've only wheeled it harder and harder. Now i'm at 210k miles and they are still great, no problems. Ride is still comfortable as well. If I would have gone OEM, i would probably be doing this nightmare of a job again.... rear control arm bushings are no joke in our SUV's. Poly are great even if you don't off-road. Your wife is gonna hit a curb in a parking lot and crack an OEM bushing, whereas the poly will take anything you can throw at it.
  5. ya lol. "a pathfinder in a tux" is what they called it
  6. is there anything positive that can be said about a $40 chinese coilover "conversion" ??? GOOD LUCK AND LET US KNOW HOW IT GOES...
  7. That is the most ghetto thing I have ever seen. Ebay coilovers are already a joke even when on their proper applications, i can't imagine the ride when cutting up your stock struts and fitting ebay chinese coilovers to fit a different application
  8. the difference between a QX4 and a pathfinder - $15,000 (when new)
  9. Yup. For a professional system that will last a long time, remove all the bose and run your own wires (like me). I've had an extremely loud sound system in my R50 for like 7 years now and i'm glad I went thru the headache of doing it. If you don't really care that much about music, a bose adapter will suffice.
  10. I heard koyo makes good radiators. The $110 radiators are no name and likely chinese.... Im wondering if the $160 all aluminum will bolt right in with no mods? I dont want to tap and threads and i Dont want an e-fan....
  11. stock style radiator $110 ... aluminum radiator $160 .... which should I get?

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    2. 1994SEV6


      on the contrary. Nefarious, boy, do I have some pictures to show you. My friend crashed his S10 and totaled it. factory aluminum radiator. Crushed the hell out of it. The fan hit it, causing a huge circular gash. It didn't leak a single drop of antifreeze and they still drove it 30 miles after that

    3. stalker


      go with the aluminum and run an electric fan

    4. The_Magicians_Eye
  12. hey guys thanks for all your input. For now, I have put globs of JB weld on the crack, lol. I can get a OEM-style cheap replacement for $110 or an all aluminum rad for $155 (from www.radiatorexpress.com) which would you get? I hope the aluminum would be plug-n-play, i dont want to have to tap any threads like mentioned earlier.
  13. It's the first time it's happened on my QX4 in 200k miles... very hard miles, with several overheating episodes... i think 200k is not bad, no? I'm just saying, seems like all cars nowadays have plastic radiators.... and they always break in the plastic.... and not repairable.... replace only
  14. Hello, does anybody have a good brand of R50 radiators they can recommend? Perhaps one that's 100% aluminum? Seems like anytime i have a radiator leak, it's ALWAYS associated with the plastic top end cap. Thanks in advance
  15. You need that heat, I heard it's super cold winter in Poland right now!!! -0F ?? crazy!
  16. Yup I've been helpin my friend out with it! Everything that was on that truck, we did ourselves!
  17. Hello! My buddys 95 Pathfinder was stolen a few days ago, in San Diego, CA. It had a mild suspension lift (Calmini 3") With bilstein shocks. BFG 31's on Lego wheels. Leather interior (heated seats) and KC hilites up front. Missing one of the factory fog lights. Tailgate mounted spare. There is a REWARD offered to anybody who helps recover this truck (or helps to find the thieves). It could be in Mexico by now..... but i'm trying anyways. Thanks!!! Pic was taken a few days before the theft so it looks exactly like this:
  18. That sucks. I hate shady dealers with crappy service departments. Avoid Stadium Nissan in Seattle, WA Good luck
  19. ive got 16x8 with 4 inch backspace.... (even tho my rim is an inch bigger in diameter, the offset and width is the same) and ya like getabby said above, the rim is just about flush with the plastic fender flare. i think the qx4 flare is just a tad bigger than the pathfinder flare.
  20. mine happened to be the lowers but it could be either... ive had no problems since replacing with poly, and it's been several years now. The rear is nice and stiff. Good luck!

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