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  1. Witaj, mam pytanie czy wciąż posiadasz pathfindera r50 ? Szukam informacji o tym aucie, może podzieliłbyś się doświadczeniami ? Bardzo mało informacji u nas w Polsce na temat tego auta

  2. AUTO is using air condition and ECON is not, but both should adjust temperature automatically. Can you give me some directions how to check the air mix flapper?
  3. I forgot to write that I have error code P1491 - Vacuum cut valve bypass valve.
  4. Hi, I have a problem that cabin heater blows hot air at any gauge position, like this: - 60F - cold air - 61F - 90F - hot air (the same "hot level") When I turn temperature gauge to be warmer or cooler then it reacts correctly increasing or decreasing blower motor speed but the temperature just stays hot. I did self diagnosis procedure from HA-58 and only issue I found was that in step 5 there should be '5' displayed only but I have '51' displayed. This code is not explained in the manual. Step 5 is responsible for checking temperature sensors: inside, outside, intake. It looks that inside and outside temperatures were correct, I don't know it intake temperature is good or not (it was 50F while outside was 6F and inside 60F). I have LE version with automatic AC. The behaviour is the same in AUTO or ECON mode. Can you guide me how to fix it?
  5. I just want to add that the brochure from this page I found an interesting page: http://www.nissanref...inder/1996-2004 is really interesting. The numbers I referred are on page 10 and there are much more pages( I just didn't noticed scroll button).
  6. I found an interesting page: http://www.nissanreference.com/pathfinder/1996-2004 There is an official brochure for 2002 and on the last page are some numbers. 0-60 mph is done in 9.2 sec, 0-80 mph is done in 17 sec. The car is still in the mechanic shop as I didn't paid yet because I had feeling that something is wrong. I am going to get it back next week but I will take more test drive before I pay. As for the oil he used Dextrone 6 but Nissan recommendation is Dextrone 3. Do you have any ideas if I can check something specific while driving to make sure that the transmission is working correct?
  7. Hi, I had to rebuild my automatic transmission and I am going to take the car back from the mechanic these days. I had some test drives already and I think that it acceleration is slower than before. The mechanic says that for him it is ok. Do you have any technical specs where I can find 0-60 mph acceleration time? He says it should be more than 9 secs but I think it was supposed to be around 7 secs. The Pathfinder is: 2003, 3.5 V6 LE 4X4, 240 pwh. Also how it should react for kickdown (gas pedal depressed to the floor)? Lets say you drive 80km/h (4-th gear) and then you depress to the floor. Should it reduce gear to 2-nd or 3-rd?
  8. I am not going to fix it by myself. I just would like to know how expensive could it be. Also can it be fixed or whole transmission unit need to be replaced?
  9. Transmission oil was replaced in November 2012 at about 108 k miles, now it is about 124 k miles. I remember when it has been changing they drained it from underneath plug (the cover was not removed) and then filled in about 3 litres of oil but manual says it should be 8.5 litres. The oil looks clean, bright pink. Whenever I check oil level on engine running and warm the stick always is wet about HOT sign.
  10. Hi, recently I am experiencing strange problems. It looks like automatic transmission can't shift the gear and engine is revving. When I release the pedal for a moment and press it again then the gear is shifted. Look at the video: https://youtu.be/WZ8SNZSzyu4 Is it something really serious?
  11. Thanks for the answer. First of all the picture of the wheel I attached is not my wheel, just random wheel from the internet. Sorry for the confusion. I just call the mechanic and he said he didn't remove the axle shaft. He told me that he was rotating the hub and it was rotating (or moving) left/right but it shouldn't be. I don't know maybe I should go to other shop that specializes in 4x4 cars.
  12. The symptoms are that there is a low level noise (not whirrr). The noise is starting about 30 mph and it is louder when turning right and quieter when turning left. There are no vibrations and no play on the wheel. The mechanic noticed that when he rotates the wheel then the drum is getting closer and farther to the brake back plate. On the other wheel the distance between the drum and back plate is constant. This caused him to suspect crooked axle shaft but he was supposed to remove it and verify. I don't know if he really take out the axle as I was not with him.
  13. Hi, More less for the last year I have been hearing a noise from the rear of the vehicle. Recently I went to a mechanic and he said that rear axle shaft is crooked and need to be replaced. This can be true as I had a serious stuck in a mud and the recovery was quite difficult. But now I cant find an after market axle shaft for the Pathfinder (I am not from USA). I can only see axle shafts for Terrano I and II. So the question is can I use axle shaft from Terrano or other model? Are left and right axles the same? Also can it be dangerous to drive with such axle?
  14. But I am from Poland so I can't call Rob whoever he is. This is why I have problem finding exact pump model - Pathfinder is not popular here.
  15. I just found such pump for Infiniti/Nissan 370Z/GTR. http://allegro.pl/pompka-spryskiwacza-nissan-370-z-gt-r-350-z-i5506253272.html The electrical connector is the same, but it has only one output. Will it work?

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