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  1. on my wd21 i have pacesetter headers with arp bolts to a section of 2.5" pipe from heads to a 2.5" high flow magnaflow cat to 2.5" pipe to a 2.5" flowmaster 40 series to 2.5" pipe to a 4" ss truck tip. I think it sounds pretty good no more exhaust tick and seems to flow a little better than it did before. (remember i dont have 4 o2's though so idk if that will matter for you)
  2. that part fixed my truck....damn thing wouldnt idle worth a @!*%!
  3. Ok so just to confirm before i got do this in the next 30 mins (THIS IS FOR MILE MARKERS NOT WARN)....I do this I do this (pic above) and then i bolt the hub on with the cap off like the pic below then i install these two parts back on to the end of the axle? and then put the cover on? or do I not use the washer??
  4. well i just bought manual hubs so if you need parts from auto ones i have some
  5. I will make a video here after work today.
  6. Oh alright sounds good...have you checked your front cv axles? Pretty sure my friend's honda does a click noise when turning one way because his axle is going bad.....maybe?
  7. Mine does it when close to wheel lock from those little metal bump stops rubbing normally does it when I am backing up and hit a small bump though. If we are thinking of the same sound. Mine is that little metal bolt looking thing that is in the mid right..there is one on each side and it rubs on that little arm off the lower control arm as a bump stop/steering lock so you. Been told putting grease on both sides will make the metal on metal contact noise go away ....never worked for me though. Again that is if we are talking about the same noise.
  8. (bringing it back from the dead)...So for the past year I have been having issues with my 4x4 on my 92 se pathfinder 5 speed. When I would have it in 4x4 and only when giving it gas it would pull side to side (like torque steer). I at first thought it was tires or alignment or steering component and I replaced it ALL. I still had the issue. I recently changed the axles and noticed something. I had taken the driver side apart to replace the axle and noticed even when in 4x4 and in gear the axle would still be able to turn (the other of the truck is still together) and I thought that was wired and it should of been locked in. Anyways I continued to put it all back together with all the new parts. I proceeded to do the passenger side after finishing the driver side. So on this side I noticed right away when I took it off my auto locking hub the "brake A" and the spring fell out as soon as I took it off. I then proceeded to replace everything and noticed when the truck was in 4x4 and in gear the axle would lock and I couldn’t spin it like I could when I was working on the other side. So I thinking my locking hub on this side is either broke or not put together right. I looked at the service manual and the other hub but I can’t figure out why they hub doesn’t go together the same as the other one. I can try to make a video of it if that will help. Is there a video someone knows of that shows taking it apart and putting it all back together so I can check and see its right. Does that sound like a reasonable thing that would cause the the 4x4 issue?
  9. mine was around a 4 but i got it fixed for maybe around a 6-8?
  10. I can try to test for clogs idk what ill do if it is clogged though. after its been raining hard it just pours out of the top of the a pillar down to the window switches.
  11. Hey does anyone have pictures of how the sun roof drains go and how to best get to them with out wrecking the headliner? I keep having the issue of it leaking right at the top of the apillar and its done it for years and it just keeps getting worse. When i had the apillar panel off to install my gauges i saw a hose inside the frame but wasnt sure how to get to where the leak was actually happening. wasnt sure if anyone has their truckgutted and can just snag some pics of how the lines are run. Thanks! BTW for a 92 pathfinder.
  12. i always though about putting a hood scoop on mine since i have a few extras from my turbo 300zx (z31s) but wasnt sure if i would like it not. ha yours came out pretty decent though.
  13. ha yeah thats the exact problem i had thanks vagabond! Works like champ now!
  14. how did you get yours to work? im having trouble wit my temp gauge. All the other gauges work fine my temp one doesnt move past 110 degrees. I have 1 wire to ground, 1 to switched 12v and a 18gauge wire to the sensor in the upper rad hose in a temp sensor adaptor. I figured mayby sensor was bad but i helpd my buddy wire a new but same gauge into his s13 and he has the same problem....any ideas?
  15. This is what i bought for my 92 pathfinder http://www.ebay.com/itm/87-95-PATHFINDER-HARDBODY-HEADLIGHTS-HEADLAMPS-CHROME-/190837578268?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3APathfinder&hash=item2c6ece5a1c&vxp=mtr and then this http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-Car-BI-Xenon-H1-H4-H7-Universal-HID-Projector-Lens-Kit-Angel-Eye-2-BALLAST-/160780332487?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item256f412dc7&vxp=mtr you will need to modify the housing a bit for them to fit right. like i did in the pictures above. normally these would bolt in but our headlights arent deep enough so you need to cut the rear off and make a new mounting point...either way shouldnt take more than a few hours. to take the light apart put it in the oven for like 20 mins on 250 degrees and it should melt the glue if it doesnt then keep it in longer (make sure they are on a pan and not just sitting on the grates).
  16. I had all these from one of my two 300zx z31 turbos that i had kept around from when I upgraded to digital AEM ones ha so it worked out well but I think you have the same ones right? Autometer?
  17. Done! Almost done here few wires left
  18. I have that green thing on mine too its a fuseable link i think you should be able to find one at the dealer in the catalog
  19. I would see if you can get 2 new fuseable links like the ones your having issues with from the dealer or parts truck.
  20. oh so these arent like a vg30 in a z31 and have a chts down by the cam gear on the driver side? If not then i guess its a idle air control, 02 ortiming then idk what else it could be rest it all new now.
  21. started to install mine...waiting on the temp sensor adaptor...installed leds in the dash so it should all be lit up blue back ground with red needles.
  22. Well i replaced the temp sensors and that didnt help....going to try the O2 next...never replaced that yet and had 150k miles on it. If that doesnt do it ill do the chts when i get around to getting the tstat replace. I also bought a timing light so i will check that first and if its not off ill keep buying the above parts (should be 15 degrees right?).
  23. Hey those are pretty easy to install i did it on my 92 pathfinder. I had to make my headlights bigger though which caused them to stick out(alot of people didnt like that) i have since made some for my 300zx using the same projectors and it came out better. had to cut the back of the housing to sink the projector back and then was able to use a few washers as a platform This is the running lights....when the headlights come on the halo stays on but the blue turns off and is just the the HID take in the fact its day light out and the garage lights are on right now ...pretty damn bright yet and decent cut off line.
  24. ANyone have the two part numbers for those two sensors right there by the rad cap? I am thinking its these but not sure. this is chts so i dont need this i dont think (could that be the issue also? I have never replaced that before either ik its picky on the z31) http://www.courtesyparts.com/22630-engine-coolant-temperature-sensor-pathfinder-wd21-08/1989-07/1992-vg30e-p-542585.html?cPath=5572& these are the two correct ones right? http://www.courtesyparts.com/22630m-engine-coolant-temperature-sensor-pathfinder-wd21-1987-1995-p-543472.html?cPath=5572& http://www.courtesyparts.com/25080x-sensor-temperature-pathfinder-wd21-08/1989-07/1992-1993-door-08/1988-07/1992-v/2d-08/1986-08/1988-w/2d-p-545874.html?cPath=5572&

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