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  1. Investigated a random no-start. Found battery clamps to be tight on posts but cable was loose where it connects to clamp. Took the cables off and cleaned all connections and screwed it back together good and tight. So far so good.
  2. Dude, we should start a banned.
  3. replaced the bearing in the tensioner pulley for my a/c belt. Took care of that noise. quick and easy repair made more difficult by the worst snap ring pliers on the planet.
  4. Installed new HVAC blower. The old one lasted 20+ years and 334,000 miles. Oh, and the seat belt chime that showed up after the last oil change. It's gone again. It will not be missed
  5. Dredging up an old thread for an update: After my last post on this topic in December 2012 I did one more oil change with the G-oil and then it disappeared off the shelves at wallyworld. I was happy to use it and was getting good results and sorry to see it go. I emailed Green Earth Technologies. I got a reply about them renegotiating their distribution agreement and never saw the G-oil again except on Amazon. So I'm in wallyworld last week getting the oil for my wife's Mitsu when I see the familiar black and green jug with the big green G on it. Happy day! Only there was just the one lonely jug on the shelf. So I bought it. I love seeing an American company trying to do some new and innovative and have a good product. Now if they could just get their distribution going.
  6. Changed the oil and now my fasten seatbelt chime works. Whats up Nissan? I didn't even know it had a fasten seatbelt chime. Always had the dash light on startup and I've owned it for 2 years now.
  7. Yes there is some. I guess I need to measure it according to the FSM and see if it's out of spec.
  8. not the same noise, though I'm familiar with the creaking steering stops. Mine are greased now. I should have mentioned this happens when turning left and right off of center, no where near the stops.
  9. When I turn the steering wheel I get a metal-to-metal 'clink' sound coming from the front end. Sometimes multiple clinks, 2 or 3 in row. It's not a loud clink. I have to have my window down and the stereo off to hear it. The wheel turns freely, no binding when the noise happens. Prior to replacing suspension and steering components I didn't have this noise. I replaced the following on my 93 XE 2WD. Strut rods and bushings Upper and lower balljoints tie rod ends, inner and outer sway bar bushings and end links shocks greased everything that had a zerk I've been under the truck with a rubber mallet banging on components trying to find the source. I've retorqued everything I've worked on recently. The bushings in the upper and lower control arms look fine and don't move when I put the crowbar on them. Any ideas on what I'm missing? Just to put off any obvious puns, it's not a major clink, or a Colonel Clink either (Hogan!)
  10. upper and lower ball joints, sway bar bushings, and endlinks. discovered a broken shock while replacing ball joints, so the Blue Bomber got new front shocks too. Very happy with the result.
  11. I looked at the website. What's wrong with this picture. Master Technician holding adjustable crescent wrench. What's he working on, the kitchen sink?
  12. I buy the cheapest rain-x wipers at wally world for about $10 each and been very satisfied with them. I've spent more on other brands like bosch, ansco, and even the more expensive rain-x, but the $10 rain-x wipers do the job for me.

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