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    1992, WD21, Td27, Automatic, 3" Body Lift, 3" Calmini Suspension Lift running on Cooper 32x11.5x15 MT Tires.
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  1. Hi edicer2, Thank you for the very nice offer.. as much as I wanted the auto hubs so bad, if only i can get it in your area i will, unlucky for me im not in the US, :-( Also im sorry for the late response. My family, friends and my whole town is under a very deadly super typhoon, my house is totally destroyed. We are still lucky to be alive right now..Here in the city of iloilo right now to go online and chat with my family's friend to inform them that their relatives are okay..Prayers for the victim of super typhoon haiyan (international name) super typhoon yolanda (local philippine typhoon name) are much appreciated! See you around NPORA! Please pray for us..God Bless the Philippines!
  2. Hi guys! I recently check my automatic locking hubs and i found out that the "SPRING'' is already in very bad condition. Is this repairable or replaceable? What will i do? Here's the picture of the Locking Hub Spring:
  3. Hi guys! Need some advice. I'm planning to upgrade my stock square type dashboard into a round type. I saw one here in our local auto shop selling it for only $30 and it came from a NISSAN SENTRA SERIES III LEC. Would this fit in our 1992 Nissan Pathfinder? TIA! Here's the picture of the Dashboard:
  4. I have'nt convert to sealed beam, its all in stock right now. Here'e the picture of my Grille & Headlight. TIA.
  5. Guys, Have some question. Do this fit to our Terrano? Mine is a 1992 model, wd21 body frame. TIA!.
  6. Guys, One last question. I saw this Headlight on the internet. Is this possible for HID KIT with ANGEL EYES Conversion like what edicer did? Will wait for your response before buying this. Or if you have a link for a clear type headlights much appreciated. Thank You Guys! http://www.jcwhitney.com/headlight-conversion-kits/p2017929.jcwx?skuId=1217193&filterid=c2821d1685u0j1
  7. Hi Guys, Thank You so much all of you..I Mean it, like edicer i want to pursue this project. So now i will go and search over ebay & amazon if they have a stock of clear type lens and angel eyes with hid kit for my 1992 Nissan Terrano. Gonna withdraw some money for this project. I'm excited to do this! My only problem is the shipping from u.s to the philippines, it will be a bloody price for me..lol
  8. Hi guys, does anyone here upgraded your headlight to Angel/Devil eyes with HIID? Is this possible for a non clear type lens? Please help me on these guys if there is one who already tried. Can you post pics and also a tutorial? Im planning to buy this: //www.sulit.com.ph/index.php/view+classifieds/id/13001529/HID+DEVIL+EYES+Projector+LENSE+-Hi/Lo+Kit+NISSAN+TERRANO+55W?referralKeywords=terrano&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-4,4#advertisementDetails Thank You.
  9. Thanx Man! Next project gonna install roof basket and arb bumper..
  10. Hi Mr. Jim! Good Day! Just want to share with you my 1992 Nissan Pathfinder, 4x4, TD27 Diesel Engine that came from Japan. Anyway, i am 27 years old and i am from Iloilo City, Philippines!
  11. Hello Brothers! I'm Jessin From Iloilo City, Philippines. Got my Terrano for almost a year now and did some upgrades. My terrano is now running on 33x11.5x15 Cooper Armortek 3 MT Tires, 3" Body Lift and in the few weeks im gonna do a 3" Suspension Lift by Calmini. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/802/ayosdito1.jpg/

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