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  1. Hello... Any advice would be greatly appreciated... Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but my engine will stall/die while driving. I have a 1994 auto and this usually happens when I let my foot off the accelerator while slowing down to a stop sign/red light or into a turn or just pulling into a parking space. The frustrating thing is that I can drive the truck normally for a while and then the engine dies when i coast to a stoplight. I've actually been driving two-footed for the past couple of weeks now One foot on the brake and the other applying a little gas so the engine does not stall out. There were a couple of times when the engine started and idled very roughly (a lot of smoke from the tailpipe) for a couple of minutes before smoothing out and sometimes it just idles roughly period. What I've noticed this week is that it is burning a lot more fuel than usual. I've looked online and apparently, there may be a number of causes... mass air flow sensor, idle air control valve, throttle body, leak in vacuum lines, etc... not sure where to start. I've brought it into the shop when it's happened before, but of course they could not replicate the problem and the check engine light has never come on. Thanks for reading!
  2. Thanks for all your insights and info! I will give it a crack this weekend and see how it goes...
  3. Hi everyone... I am new to this website and forum. Very glad to be able to join. I have a 1994 Pathfinder SE with 210K miles and it's been my baby for a while. Just this week, I think my starter motor finally gave out and I am in the process of buying a replacement. Does anyone recommend a certain brand that they would use? Kragen/O'Reilly sells a remanufactured one for $85 with a lifetime warranty, but I have also seen Bosch and Denso brands online for twice as much even though they have also been remanufactured. Any advantage to buying a more expensive one?

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