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  1. Sorry A happy pathy must have a happy owner
  2. Bought tickets for the Stones. What about the pathy? A happy pathy has to have a happy owner [emoji4]
  3. Wow! Sad for you. But I'm also sad we don't have this option in Brazil. We get whatever char/number combinacional according to the computer system and got stuck to it for the rest of the vehicle's life.
  4. Any idea about how many HP is possible to get of a VG30E with euro cams + air filter + headers + exhaust? I've already changed the cams and put a K&N box air filter, and I'm wondering if how worth is changing the headers and moving to a 2.25" exhaust with a high flow muffler.
  5. Took it to a winch test. It seems not the case to be stuck there, but all that green is floating over one feet of water, and there's some mud also.
  6. So in Europe, Australia and Asia the passenger drives and the driver is the passenger? Odd...
  7. This is a Ford Troller front D44. 61" wide, plenty of R&P options around here. It looks like it will fit, what do ya think?
  8. Cut off the rear electronic shocks harness, less useless stuff hanging around.
  9. C'mon! The TOTM have seen better days! What's happening? Nobody has a cell to take a photo? This way I'll give it a try and nominate myself
  10. To replace the torque converter solenoid you don't need to take the tranny off, but to replace the other 4 solenoids you do. So, if you have the skills to work with the transmission... In my case, I had a shop do that [emoji16] I've done a lot of search in the web for solenoids, and the prices where about US$ 300 or more (the 4 solenoids kit) and US$ 170 the torque converter solenoid (if I remember correctly). As I live in Brazil, that will result in about US$ 1000, shipping+taxes. I ended buying from www.partsouq.com, which is located in Dubai. US$ 160 the kit, and US$ 95 the converter solenoid. Original ones.
  11. Also, there is a low washer level warning in the mask and the lamp works. But there's no switch in the washer tank. I know it's kind of a silly warning lamp, but if it is in the mask, it should have the switch. I hate to have that unused space there. Todo: put a low washer level switch.
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