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R50 Bumpers

How many would be interested & what time frame?  

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  1. 1. How many would be interested & what time frame?

    • Yes- When they are ready.
    • Yes- In 2 months.
    • Yes- In 3-4 months.
    • Yes- In 5-6months.
    • Yes- In 1 year or longer.

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I saw them, called the guy and ordered one for my 2003 Pathfinder. They offer all kinds of options. I chose to just go with the receiver style. Will add my own lights for off-road/night time.

I would really like to see pics of this since I have a 2003 also and I am looking for a beefier bumper.

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He's not in Arizona, I'm in Arizona.


He's in Manitoba, Canada.

This is STILL the case Fueler...


Marcel has never been in Arizona, and I'm not there anymore either...


And again...for clarification, I AM NOT BLACK PANTHER ARMOR. I am merely a friend of Marcel's and I am relaying information to you for the sole purpose of information. I have no financial or contractual ties to the company, I am merely acting as a liason between NPORA and Marcel (who IS Black Panther) during his time of absence from the boards.

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Any chance the pics can be reuploaded? I can't see anything, unless it's a Firefox issue. You can probably count me in for one of these. I need something by fall, or sooner. Any progress as of late?

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I just ordered mine, which should be here on Weds. Including shipping and tax it came to under $1100CAD! Any clearance issues with oversized tires and this bumper? I'm hoping to go 33x10.5 on procomp 15x8, 3.75" backspacing, after the AC lift and spacer.

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I think it was just one that they've had in the wearhouse forever. Reg price was almost $1400, and up here the suppliers I was looking at were quoting anywhere from 1500-1700. A large gap between prices, maybe the I got doesn't come with the lights, and the ones sold in town do, or something along those lines...


Is the factory grey paint on the ARB a powder-coat, or can I scuff it down and spray it when it gets here?

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thats a damn good deal tho. i bought mine off ebay for 400 with some lights as well.


well that still has 5 days to go. so it will prob go up, now i dont feel as pissed for paying so much for mine...

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A crappy pic of my new bumper, but it's pissing rain out... I havn't trimmed the fender wells yet, and I'm going to turn the bullbar around so it lays back against the grill rather than out forwards... Looks goofy on such a stock Pathfinder, but I hope to have that lift and tires in not too long.


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