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  1. i like the look but i hope the hole for the hitch pin is not to close to the rest of the bumper....gonna make fastening that hitch pin clip a pain....
  2. keep me updated. I have tx10s and transmissions piled up like cord wood out here.
  3. You were looking at pathfinders or xterra's, and you ended up with a Wrangler? Do you realize they have a ****** ride, and if its a soft top, are cold as @!*% in the winter? Not to mention Loud? If you are not going to modify it, i see no point to ever buying a Jeep to just DD it......horrible decision.
  4. Those hooks are not meant to be pulled from. Those hooks are meant for tie downs when the vehicle is being towed (as in on a roll back or a multiple car hauler). They were not meant for the shock load or the multiplied load of pulling out a stuck vehicle. That being said, I have used those before to pull myself out (and others) and they worked fine, just bent up a little. Nissan has to put a disclaimer on it because it was not designed for that use.
  5. So i take it there are no r50 owners out there who own a tape measure??? Not suprising, those of us who have frames usually do the mod work
  6. I moved my rear axle back when i re-did my rear end with leaf springs, and now i need another option for a rear driveshaft. I have one out of a 89 standard cab hardbody that works for now, it was about two inches longer than my WD pathy. But, it only barely catches the slip on the transfer case and with any flex it falls right out lol. So can someone measure a r50 one for me from flange to slip so i can see if this will work for me? or if its on your truck you could measure from joint to joint for me and i should be able to make a decision that way. I would like a cheap option for now, i would rather not have to get one made because I am hoping to do a doubler or maybe do the NWfab adapter to run a 6 bolt tcase in the future once I get this thing back on the road. So, measurements please?!!?!?!?!?!?
  7. yea, thats your problem right there. Those tires are improperly balanced. The tech doing the install does not know how to balance tires. I kept throwing weights on my MTRs so I now just use airsoft pellets in the tires to balance them, same idea as Dyna Beads
  8. so are these plates for the entire sides of the frame? or just the trouble spots? I cant find anything on their site, not even those part numbers come up at all.... nevermind. i posted to quickly. i found pics on the PDF, like you initially posted. i just need to read better!!
  9. I tried to message UNCC about this, but it seems he cannot receive any new messages....full inbox maybe!! What I have are two hardbodies, a 95 plagued by frame rot (badly, I just patched a place with a 12 inch frame patch, and I knew it wasn't going to last because there just wasnt much there to weld to, and yep its already showing stress cracks)and an 87 with a perfect frame, but an engine that is unknown and has sat since at least 1999. Overall the 87 is in pretty good shape. But I think since my 95 runs so damn well I just want to swap frames! So I was hoping to get some insight on the TBI to MPFI engine/dash harness swap. I have been trying to come up with ways to do this, trying to figure what would be the easiest/cheapest. My thoughts were, to pull both cabs, swap the engines, and then drop the 95 cab on the 87 frame. This seems to be the easiest way to me. My only thoughts were, what am I going to run into with other wiring on the truck? I know I will have to at least swap the VSS on the tcase, if not swap just the whole case. Both trucks are 5 speed, I would just as soon keep my transmission that is in the 95 because it was a rebuilt unit from a 99 frontier.... In reality I think I could pull the cab, then pull the engine/transmission/transfer case all as one and then drop it onto the 87 chassis..... What am I missing? Let the comments and concerns roll
  10. Used to happen to me as well, sometimes in deep water crossings my alty and brake lights would flash for a second until the alty spun all the water out, seemed like it just did not like getting wet. Do you happen to have some splash shields removed so the puddle water can splash all over the alternator? If so I would say that is the problem, this may not kill your alty immediately, but it will harm it over time....
  11. Stocking up on fuel pumps? Are you really expecting to replace one in the near future?

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