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  1. Everything was torqued down to spec and double checked on my work. I don't hear any rattle either. It's been cold out so I'll check to see if a lca is bent ?? or something
  2. Hey Guys, so I installed new struts/springs/mounts and sway bar links on the R50 and now when I engage 4-HI it pulls to the left. In 2-HI it drives just fine. Any ideas of what could be the issue? Thanks
  3. That would be funny ! another angle of the same shot, better?
  4. Ok ill check that out Sent from my ST25a using Tapatalk 2
  5. Hey guys as title states, my rear wiper once activated wont stop unless I remove the fuse in the fusebox, I took the switch out and cleaned it up and nothing, thing is when I remove the fuse the wiper stays in the 'on' position/resting on the glass and doesnt return to its base pn the door. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
  6. Hey guys, after installing the T.belt went to start it and it starts rough. Think it jumped 1-2 teeth. I read somewhere that I have to loosen up the cams bolts to install then New belt? I removed the old belt and installed the new one without moving the cams and crank. So I imagine the timing is off. If I take the t-belt off again and move the cams/ timing marks on the cams (punched) to the ones on the cover behind them and then move the crank will that bend any valves? Or will I be ok? How would I find TDC on the crank? Ive done this job on I-4s never on V6s Sorry and thanks Sent from my ST25a using Tapatalk 2
  7. 14053M ? Is this the pipe that come out of the thermostat housing to the bottom hose of the radiator? I really need one badly and cant find anything online. Do any of you guys know where I could get one new? Or what have you guys done ? Thanks.
  8. Hey guys, any idea what seals or o-rings go here? Part # ? As I have a very big puddle under the truck, any idea where to buy them?. Thanks
  9. Thanks Kyle.. the hood, fenders and lights/grille were saved... what ended up cracked/broken was the front bumper and the left trim under the left headlight... he was in luck... new shock/strut and tierods/control arm. And ofcourse, I'm glad to help if anything.. let me know....
  10. I'll see if I could take a back pic of ti as its not possible to see the difference from the front if its a "older" one... from the rear end you could due to the bumper and taillights...
  11. I'll see if I could take some recent pics of it later on today because the pics that I have of it right now are from another front end hit... he likes hitting things, but this time some dude ate the red light and hit him on the side...
  12. The Brake fluid is full i pushed the inside bobber down and it floats back up..And the hand brake switch is good. the cable is working great as I pull it and it only clicks 3-4 times and it locks up and no scoring sounds when I brake.. I disconn. the cable plug on the master cyl. up front and conn. again , and did the same under the trucks RHD side . Still the same....

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