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  1. Hope everything is okay... Hoping you can make me some armor :D

  2. Hey Guys!!! How's everyone doing? I will be around I'm just getting things back to normal:) Never forgot you guys with the hidden winch mount for the bumper either..... And all my plates work with that system. Thanks, Marcel
  3. Whoops !!! I guess I should of been more clear I need a STOCK 02-04 Black Pathfinder Bumper. Pm sent to wspinks Thanks, Marcel
  4. No no I'm looking to trade bumpers and give a deal to that person for skids and winch mount
  5. Hey guys for the one who gives me there Stock bumper I will send you the bumper with the cut out for the hidden winch mount. It's in rough shape but of course can be fixed up a tad. Anyhow this person will also get the winch mount and skid plates if he doesn't already have them of course. The bumper needs to be Black In colour Thanks, Marcel
  6. Nope I won't do plastic. I work with steel and that is my expertise. I'll leave the plastic plates to the other guys. I do however want to start expanding into products after I get my CNC Mill/Drill next year. So who knows what I'll be getting into . This up and coming year will be good 1 and first off to finish up your guys bumpers for those pathy's. After July.
  7. I forgot also to say here. If anyone has questions about my products or anything else let them fly? And I'll let you know. Thanks to all of my customers
  8. I know coming from that crazy province right beside me
  9. Ya sent it out snail mail this time. Funny put it in with another customers order for other plates. haha anyhow I knew I packed it I guess I just didn't know where
  10. Hey guys!!! I am not gone and will be back up running full tilt in August. Have to say that since last July I was thrown a pretty big wrench. All is starting to get back to normal and I will be running Full throttle soon! I will be back Bigger and Better!! Any questions feel free to ask them. Yes I have to do things on the low down for now, but I do still fill orders and with word of mouth I have been quite busy still. Pathy's are where I started and this is where my roots are. So I will continue to work on different products for our pathfinders. FYI shipping to the Southern states is probably going to run you about 50-60 or more. Like always I do try to do my best and find the cheapest route on shipping. However if anyone knows or can get me an inside scoup on truck frieght shipping would be great!! This way when I get my bumpers going I can actually send them out. Along with the sliders. Thanks, Marcel Miller BlackPanther Armor
  11. Well hello Mr.Jim!! I guess everything is starting to get back to normal. Good to see you back
  12. So you bought yours from NS? When?
  13. That I believe is the wrong BullBar for that Pathy.

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