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  1. I need bumpers now! anyone have headway. There was lots of talk on new one being built, what has come of that. I would like to get front and back, preferably from a supplier in Canada, will consider getting them in US. Anyone!!!!
  2. Sign me up, I am in Calgary. Let me know what happens!
  3. With mine I only smell it after I have stopped and gotten out of the vehicle.
  4. I have that as well. It was noticably stronger, a couple years back found it to be a transmision output seal. It was spitting gear oil on the exhaust. :confused: I still get the smell now though no leaks. Most noticable in the winter.
  5. Check out NSOR.com "kit nis 2f-bds" for $474.00 CDN Comes with camber adjustment bolts
  6. Also supply a BDS 2" coil lift, comes with camber adjustment hardware. All for $474.00 CDN
  7. Nissandoms47, you would think that it should be that easy. I live in one of the most backward places in the world. I had to take the flyer into a store to show them they carry Rancho!!! :contract: -argue-
  8. I am lloking at the Rancho spec now, the stock shock has 8.5" of travel, the rs9000 has 8.75" not much difference there.
  9. O.K here's what I found out, stock strut #RSX17502&17501. Unfortunately the Rancho Rep says there is no equivalant shock for my 1998 (manufactured 11/97). To get a shock that would travel the additional 2" I would need to modify mounts. Doh! All this to save shipping, taxes and duties. Any ideas,
  10. I am looking for the compatible (rancho part #) strut and shock for the 2" AC lift
  11. Shipping charges are expensive, I want to verify the part number for my Pathfinder that was manufactured 11/97. I explained the shoks and struts would require extra 2" travel, but I think he may have ordered the stock replacement.
  12. Clears shortly after, maybe even before it dries!

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