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LSD on 97 pathy?

Guest prlim2000

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My 95 SE has an orange LSD sticker on it, tuneable suspension, fender flares. Then I rocked out & painted my chrome bumpers black.

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On the R50, the "adjustable" suspension changes the valving in the front struts. It was only available on the 96 and discontinued, presumably because it had little actual benefit, or the cost to build the struts was too high. I don't know much about how it worked on the WD21.

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the bumpers thing is hilarious, cause its a stupid comparison. i have an LE with chrome every where, no flares, stock fogs, leather insides, and every bell and whistle they had back then, but i have an lsd tucked under there, and my tires spin opposite of each other.

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On 9/17/2006 at 8:50 PM, Guest pyrophilus said:

In the 96-99 R50's, the LSD was part of the Off-road package.


My old 97 Se had the LSD, and to get it, I had to:


get the off-road package which included all-black (no chrome) bumpers, and LSD.


It was weird, because in those models, the base XE had all-black bumpers with NO LSD, whereas you knew you got the "upgraded" SE model if it had chrome bumper tops. But then if you upgraded the SE with the off-road package, it gave you BACK the black bumpers of base XE! go figure.


I believe the XE's had NO LSD available, and if you got the "sports package" for the XE, it gave you the chrome bumpers of the base SE.


go figure.


Anyway, if you have a SE badging, chrome on bumper = NO LSD. all black bumpers = LSD.


Of course, like I said, if you do not have any badging (SE or LE), it means you have an XE, which means there is NO LSD whatsoever...


My 2001 SE has LSD, but I believe in 2002, they dropped the viscous LSD in favor of vehicle stability control system. Glad that I have an 01...

wait that's weird I have a 94 XE and I have the orange LSD sticker on it?

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