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  1. Yeah I saw Harbinger's post. Thanks anyway, for flexplate bolts where do I buy them? Dealer? Also for wiring should I do it myself with someone helping me? Or should I pay someone? Thank you!!!
  2. Can you please send me threads/how-tos for this so I have a rough idea
  3. Hello, I'm back again! I've decided that I'm 100% manual swapping it. I will put all my effort into this and there is no backing out now! I wanted to ask what tools I'll be needing for the swap. I made this list: *4(or 3)ton jack stands *a hydraulic jack *a medium power driver *an assortment of wrenches *an assortment or sockets *a breaker bar I think that's it but I don't know, I might need more stuff. My main goal for now though is to remove the burnt auto. Please lemme know what's absolutely necessary and what's not, and of course if I should add anything to this list. Please link forums that might help. Thank you! EDIT: I totally forgot about the actual parts that would go on the Pathy. This is where I'm really lost. I figure to buy a donor car would be easier but here's my list: *Manual trans *Driveshaft *Wiring harness? *ECU? Please let me know what I missed!
  4. Hey guys, newbie here again. I kinda bought this car not knowing what I'm getting into. I did figure out a couple things though because of you guys. 1)most likely my auto tranny is burnt to a crisp 2)fixing the dang thing ain't gonna be easy Now I got this car because I got jealous of others that had 4wheelers and side by sides and thought that this would be even cooler than their little toys with a little mods im also only 14 and im kind of stupid. I thought and still kind of think It would be fun to fix and drive with my dad. I have a permit by the way and can drive if my dads in the passengers seat. Heres the thing though, I want to keep this car throughout high school, I wanna grow up in this car. To fix it I need to either swap a manual or automatic into it. I still haven't started (ill start in late spring/early summer if all goes as planned) It seams easier to get a manual and have it last longer than 3 autos (without a tranny cooler) And I personally think manuals are cool Do you guys honestly think it's worth pursuing my wild dreams and fixing the damn thing or do you guys think I should just save up for another pathy. My pathy is as rest free as it gets, and I haven't started it since late summer and without doing anything but hooking up a jump starter it started right up yesterday. It makes me happy hearing it run. Should I sell this one, or get a new one? What would be easier, I bought this one for $200 (please bear with me, sorry)
  5. Cant wait for this school year to end so I can get to fixing the pathy I hope "the virus" is over by that time.... also is there anyone else on NPORA that lives in Alaska?
  6. sounds fun ill take the Xterra supercharger into consideration, sadly the ka idea is to much work lol ?
  7. WHOAHHH that's cool, I guess im keeping the intake lol
  8. Can we continue this conversation in the "building cnd.vlad's 94 XE" post just to be more organised also I figured how to use quotes sorry for not using them previously
  9. wait that's weird I have a 94 XE and I have the orange LSD sticker on it?
  10. Ok so what are guys saying, im horribly inexperienced should I just stick to an auto, and should I just stick to a wd21/d21 tranny instead of the r50/xterra/frontier tranny I was talking abt if It's better to get a r50/xterra/frontier tranny and it's worth going through the pain of wiring I will do that but I want to know what you guys think... Thanks a lot for the feedback sorry if I sound stupid
  11. Ok then gotcha, it was just an idea because I figured the ka would have more aftermarket for it. I guess ill stick to my vg30e then and if I want more power ill go vg33 thanks for the feedback
  12. Hey guys Noobie here, This is gonna be the topic where I'm going to be asking more experienced Pathy owners what to do with my pathfinder... My pathfinder has a shot transmission that needs to be replaced I was thinking that while I'm at it to swap in a Ka24e into it, I don't know if this is a good idea but I like the ka24e engine. Will it bolt up to a r50/xterra/fronteir tranny Let me know if this is possible and if so let me know if this is a good idea... Thank you!
  13. Yeah I figured I had to replace it, but thanks for letting me know what fits :) Also am I the only one that thinks the vg30e intakes (the whole thing) look a little weird, is there a replacement that looks and preforms better?? Also do you think a junkyard manual is a good option im broke and the only place I can look for parts is the junkyard?
  14. Well I guess ill go looking for a newer tranny (preferably a manual) from a r50/xterra/frontier because like I said I have lots of metal flakes
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