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  1. thx there shoesandsocks! Everything looks good to go. Couldn't have done it without ya man!
  2. Hiya, & thanks for the reply! Searched cvman / the cvman on the ebay but couldn't find.. Do you have anymore information that could point me his way?
  3. Howdy, I run a WD21 and I know that they make bolt together split boots for those rides. I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can get the same for my friend's R50? She has split her boots, doesn't have a lot of $$ and will only need the truck for another 4 months. I tried 4x4 parts.com but don't see them listed on their website. Wanting to help her out, but I don't have time or space to re&re her axles to do the "proper" job. Thanks!!
  4. 1974 Lambretta Jet 200; the world's finest motor scooter. Italian breeding, and a genuine 75 mph 2 stroke rocket. I still have it. not mine, but very very close in serial numbers. http://www.flickr.com/photos/45904802@N08/6939050442/
  5. Thanks, I appreciate your time & comments!! Yes, she's in booster in back, centre....air bgs are for the parents. Alkorahil, that's perfect insight - thanks! I'll def pay more attention to that area. I guess that I can use my obi-2 scan tool to read for a cat code or is the condition of them just based on doing a visual? Rough cost for for leaf springs? I can search out the cost of cats pretty easily online. cheers, d
  6. With a new addition to our family (little girl!) my trusty 95 WD21 is now dimly viewed for lack of airbags. I found a 130 000 mi 02 Xterra for 5000, and it is a 1 owner, well maintained vehicle. Hopefully I can make it out to view this week. It has 30, 000 mi less on it than our WD21 which takes me 2 years of driving to amass. Any information that you'd like to share? Problem areas that I should be aware of? Cheers, d
  7. Thinking of selling wd21, & getting wd22.

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    2. lint


      Agreed, I love the '21 but~same (auto) trans. Vg33 is better... anything I should look out for??


    3. Tungsten


      They are heavier and therefore just as slow 21s. Watch out for the leaking power steering boxes.

    4. lint


      ok, I'll put that on my list to scope out. Hopefully I can view tomorrow.


  8. led dome lights?? More info / pics please!!
  9. Haven't been on here lately, as we have a new little girl!

    1. RedPath88


      Congrats and welcome back!

    2. nunya


      congrats to the addition to your family!

    3. Pezzy




  10. One washer under each bolt for the loop totally did it! No more door-a-jar light flickering on & off while I'm driving! ...Awesomeness!!
  11. Gotta do mine tomorrow. Glad I found this thread!
  12. Thanks for the reminder! I read that thread some time ago & totally forgot about it!! I'll search it out tomorrow.
  13. my door-a-jar light came on randomly....seems to be intermittently from the rear hatch? Anyway it p*****ed me off enough to pull the fuse.
  14. Yesterday, Removed front fender flares, sanded down the rust, ducked flying metal debris, por-15'd the affected areas inside the fender and out. Today, fibreglassed the fender. Ordered a pint (of paint) & reducer. Opened a beer and cleaned the interior. Priced out a centerlink and tie rod ends for next weeks job.
  15. Thanks all! I'll start w the visual like Nunya suggested and focus on the centrelink.
  16. steering box play was adjusted out last year. hmmm. driver's side also exhibits similar characteristics........
  17. Hiya! Today I'm sanding & Por15-ing my rusting front fenders and while I was at it, doing a front end check. So, when I grab my passenger tire @ 9 & 3 o-clock and wriggle it, there is movement (about 1/4-1/2"). When I do the same motion at 6 & 12 o-clock, there is no movement. What's gonna be my next "to-do"? Thanks, L
  18. started to source out replacement front fenders - mine are rusting out! Damn, shipping to Canada is exxxxpppeeeesivvve!
  19. anyone with a soggy suspension like mine! -
  20. SE seats are faster in the twisties imho.
  21. Drove it hard for 600 miles in one day, and somehow....managed to get the best mileage ever out of her!
  22. Take the battery to a shop & have them load test it to see if it's up-to-snuff.

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