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  1. i live on the border of orange and san diego, id be down for pretty much anything a stock r50 can do on most weekends. email me if you guys do anything.
  2. yar1

    CV issue

    im trying to put a cv into the pass. side of my r50, ive done the other side 3 times or so and can do it in an hour, but im having an issue with this side. i can put 2 (1 pair) of the bolts in , and get 2 more to fit in the holes, but the last two holes do not line up, is there something special on this side that needs to be done? i compared the new to the old axle an d they line up fine. any suggestions on how to get this in?
  3. the duralast is rebuilt, and make sure they test it at the store before you leave.
  4. a week or two after? i finish w/ school on the 13th, so most schools should be done by then also.
  5. FRS will be in use, not CB?
  6. 15050 Rogers Rd, Patterson, CA is the address of the jack in the box.
  7. i have a CB currently, would a frs be better?
  8. im coming from oakley so it would be easier to for me to meet in patterson, at the jack in the box there?
  9. either one, schedule for work isnt made yet so ill ask for both off.
  10. it ended up being a loose swaybar endlink, i had to put a allen wrench in the bolt while tightening the nut.
  11. I replaced the struts & strut mounts on saturday and broke the CV axle in the process when i pushed down/pulled out on the hub/rotor, so i replaced it. now most of the time when the suspension moves IE turns,bump,etc, it makes a popping noise, i thought this was a bad CV so i replaced it again, what else could it be? i did notice im missing an oring between the snapring and the hub, could that be causing this?
  12. autozone/kragens/etc can probably order the stock ones for you.
  13. so is anything coming for a bumper?
  14. nice, is there a hole in the factory bracket that their mount will work with?
  15. are you sure the 550's will fit? they looked too big when i saw them. any one done it/have pics?
  16. anyone have a write up or pics on this? im doing this later today. thanks.
  17. but will the sahcs springs be valved wrong and not be able to control the OME springs? will they be long enough? etc.
  18. OT in this thread, but will stock struts and shocks(sachs) work with OME springs, or are the OME springs/struts longer? is sachs a good brand?
  19. will stock struts and shocks(sachs) work with OME springs, or are the OME springs/struts longer? is sachs a good brand?
  20. i just found mine today, a million power spotlight. thanks adam

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