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  1. Those monroe shocks are garbage, ran them on a few applications.. never panned out. Especially with multiple bumps. Pathfinder springs are soft from the factory and if your pathfinder has done some hauling or towing, they are probably sagged out. Get better shocks and newer springs.
  2. Not much... already tried to be frugal that route when reconditioning my R50 from my WD21 parts
  3. I work at a dealer... want to see oe pictures/discriptions, can see them at www.mossynissanpowayparts.com and if you decide to patronize my business order from www.nissanpartscheap.com and get 20% off list. If you want the actual part#'s let me know and I can list them here.
  4. When I bought my 96 with 145k on it, it was about quarter gallon low on the radiator... no idea where it went. Maybe it was just low?
  5. Wear is the primary reason to replace tires. Anything below 4/32 is getting ready to replace. 2/32 is unsafe. Secondary reason is age/dry rot. There is no legal cutoff to how old a tire can be, but 6 years is usually when a tire starts to fail. Safety counsel advises not to go over 10 years on tires. There should be DOT numbers stamped on the side wall. The 4 digits tell you when the tire was made... if it ends in 1212 the tire was made the 12th week of 2012, 5001 50th week of 2001. Etc...
  6. Happy happy fun times ahead. After removing the bars, it's going to be a capital B getting those old bushings out.
  7. If you've got Poly. You've got squeaks. Drive faster. Shock option... I've got remote reservoir Bilsteins.. just sayin... they're unbolted ready to go.
  8. Strip back some wire, feed it through the connector. Crimp/Solder the connector and pull it back into the socket.
  9. Yeah. It's crazy how minimal they need... my only concern is non op (allthough current) going to registered but assumed to fail smog then have expired reg.
  10. Just found out I can retire the car for $1000 to the state... tried to sell it for $800 as-is with pink, no takers. Parted out a few items, but it's going bbye. Sorry guys. Save the WD21 if you can.

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