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  1. 2.25 in and 2.5 out is a good arrangement for you motor. However, I have dual 2.5 inch in 3 inch out and didn't notice any loss of torque. <I did that for the turbo setup that's on the way in the near future though.
  2. Yeah, Alex has had experience with that one.
  3. ya, the chassis can handle a 5k lb trailer... The engine can't. lol.
  4. If you want to do mild mods without tuning get the VQ. I/H/E and let it be and it will be adequately powered. I think you just had bad luck with your old VG...and tuning can be a pita. (btw, did you sell off that aem and safc?)
  5. Well, it's hard to recommend one or the other without knowing what your goals are. If you're going for big power, get the VG. 300zx tranny+modified ET manifolds and you can rock out 300+ on a factory engine. The Z31 guys do it all the time with the VG33.
  6. hmm, time to cut and paste eh? The maxima fans fit like they came there from the factory. If I didn't know better, I would say it is the same core with different endtanks and mounting points. I'll throw on some more fans and see what happens. I have a e-fan tranny cooler I'm going to slap on as well. I was wanting to save that for the z32 trans when I get to it though.
  7. The max fans seem about the same as the stocker to me. I would get hotter offroad with the stock fan actually. These were not light trailers btw. One of them was 3300lbs, the other was 4000. Surprisingly the car50 handles them very well with the OME's. It isn't something I try to do very often or for very far though. Regardless, the heat produced when I cross the 350 ft/lb mark will overheat me in no time with this cooling system.
  8. Just thought I'd ask before I did something custom... Are there any easy upgrades to a bigger radiator for the VG car50's? Every time I pull a big load the temp guage rockets to the H and boils my reservoir. Doesn't usually leak unless it's a long grade. I never overheat at any other time, so I know it's a capacity issue. Well, unless I go slow offroad in 4lo. That gets me on occasion. Anyway, I need to kill this problem before I start making big power and overheat all the time.
  9. What island are you on? RD? You may be better off getting a used low mileage transmission either from the US or Japan. I'd be willing to be either would run you about the same amount of cuarto.
  10. I've built a bunch of them and enjoy it. I do recommend buying the flying lead harness though. That part blows.
  11. hmm...that definitely changes things. DIY moonshine would work very well if you had enough organic product to feed the process. Regardless, you could get a megasquirt setup for about 200 bucks and a set of MSD alcohol rated 40lb injectors for another 300. Throw in a 150 dollar wideband O2 sensor and some tuning time and you'd be rocking. You could put a switch on the megasquirt to switch fuel tables to go from E85 to gas on the same injectors. Factory injectors probably wouldn't like 85% alcohol or flow enough to run it...but the fuel lines and seals should hold up.
  12. You could run E85 if you had something like a megasquirt to control the injectors when you were on it. Not really much point since you would consume more E85 from point A to B than you would gas. CNG is cool stuff. I've been looking into that conversion rather seriously. Much cleaner than diesel or biodiesel and will allow you to run crazy compression ratios NA or a nice turbo setup.
  13. An appropriately sized free flowing exhaust without backpressure produces more torque. Exhaust velocity is what makes torque. Some manufactureres and crappy shops will put in something restrictive to increase velocity, when they could have used something better all the way out. With the R50, you'd want to make some headers with matching diameter cats. Stock manifolds suck and I doubt you'd notice much of a gain by upgrading your cats without headers.
  14. nissandoms47 has done this...you might want to ask him. I think he said he just ran a wire out to the sensor he added and connected another to the tach.
  15. Do you still have oe cat's and exhaust out from the headers? That would explain the low gain. The printout you have is likely sae corrected hp and tq and the computer file is actual. My experience on headers on my other vehicles was a slight change of powerband with a factory exhaust, and a noticeable gain with nice open exhaust. BTW, leaner AFR's like that don't hurt hp on a NA engine. I made peak hp on my other car with an AFR of 14.1:1....that's the hottest and leanest I could go without knocking and it showed about a 5hp gain over 12:1. Obviously you don't want to run that lean for daily driving though. You may want to try out a safc to see if you can richen it up just a hair, but I think you may have something else going on with your car. The fact that you require premium should say something. Check your fuel filter/injectors.

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