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  1. Jared...you will be very missed here there and everywhere... Word of this news is pretty rough and I send my condolances to your family and friends. Be good in heaven and enjoy the wheelin. Stryker.
  2. dean u gotta buy ONE from autozone for however much it is, then bring all your broken ones back for a warrenty.
  3. First off, Pezzy, thank you very much for posting the link to the PCoA guys over there, Ive been a semi-active member on that site for about 2 years now and they always have good stuff and arnt rude or nasty if you post something. Secondly, Fueler - maybe out in the Baja you dont have much water because the only pics Ive ever seen of your rig are stuck in sand, or posing in a half inch of snow on a roadside ditch/bank and that one pic of your strut/spring tower totally wasted - I assume you never have and you probably never will take your rig in anything over 6". I myself chose to make myself a snorkel, and I sure as hell am glad I did. that was the shallow part. Glad I had a snorkel because 5 feet away was my other truck.... WITHOUT a snorkel see the difference. Glad I had it here too: otherwise the inlet on the airbox sits...GUESS WHERE.... Right underneath that water level. Same here Couldnt imagine no snorkel getting stuck here like I did Coulda used it at PARAGON in 2005 also while doing inner spare, but luckily i didnt get hung up on the rock Now Im not saying everyone is as crazy as I am when it comes to water, but those are 5 or so examples of times I needed a snorkel in the last 3 years. There have been other times where I was shocked that the snorkel even worked and Im glad. So dont knock Pezzy for posting an informational thread where all i see you doing is bashing people every chance you get. Thats not the type of site this is
  4. Max is a good guy to do business with. I bought some hubs from him and the shipping was fast. Danke!

  5. i have to do mine fronts too. rear is easy enough if you do one at a time like alex that way you have 3 guiding the axle into place an extra set of hands would be nice too to hold the axle in a general direction while you slip the bolt in its definitely a diy driveway jobbie
  6. it ALWAYS starts with bigger tires....then its a lift, then its protection then its bigger tires, then its gears, then its lockers, then its more lift and even bigger tires.
  7. i thought they were full time drive-flanges which means in 2 wheel or 4 wheel those suckers are moving. which is why people get the manual hubs to reduce wear and tear
  8. repost, my compy was effed up and i hit refresh and it reposted sorry
  9. Yeah i never had desert wheelin....being from the east coast and all...i suppose i coulda added corn fields and pastures for those of us out in the midwest. and fireroads....well...i was watching youtube videos of pathfinders and theres a lot of folks making videos 9 minutes long of them driving their pathy on a damn dirt roads!!!!

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