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    I just bought a red 87 pathfinder, 197,000 miles on it. 31 inch tires, its a beater but its got a whole lot of potential if i can work out the gremlins its collected from sitting in the AZ sun for years.
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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  1. fabrication is what i do. welding an all.
  2. http://www.nissanusa.com/zcoupe/?next=See_...tures/overview/ More better
  3. so heres the plan. i cant get the old z24 engine in my pathy to run, drive, pass emmisions. zip zilch. every mechanic ive taken it to is clueless. so ima gonna yank it out and monster modify it. heres what im wondering. has anyone ever mated up the tranny in an 86 pathy to a domestic small block engine? im going to cram the biggest engine i can possible get in there into this pathy. itll be my frankenstein project. any tips or links to lead me in the right direction will be appreciated.
  4. been a number of times, back when i was in WY, me and my cousin would be out, 50 miles from anyone but antelope and jackrabbits, beer was a good thing. the high desert really sucks the moisture out of you. but i dont recomend drinking at high elevation. wew! but i agree, 1st gear creepin with brew is good times. as long as your not totally retarded. i have seen people, in situations, who should drive even sober. especially since the itroduction of cell phones and now text messaging.
  5. i know this is for random pics, but i just saw this and i cant stop laughing. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=WcU4t6zRAKg
  6. lighter fluid? hmm, never did that one, starting fluid, yea, that was cool, tire bounced 50 ft into the air . was neatest trick i ever saw, next to the grease in the pilot bushing trick that is.
  7. Hank III long hauls and close calls Long hauls and close calls vid
  8. was it just the noise that led you to believe it was bad injector or was there performance issues as well?
  9. it should , its all new info i havent come across elsewhere. thanks
  10. its got a new tps but i think it needs adjusted , as for the fuel pressure reg, how do you tell if it is stuck open? havent thought about either of these things.
  11. mine is a cheap early one with a 4 cylinder lol.
  12. how would i check any of these things? been a while i know since you posted this but i can never find the posts i have put up.
  13. nah, my father in law has been researching my truck , looking at the library in mitchell manuals for clues to get my truck running and asked me if i knew wich it was, as of now i still have no idea, or how it pertains to the problems with my truck. but it would be nice to know wich I have.
  14. how do ya know witch ya got? trying to get some detailed info on my truck but im trying to figure out wich it is of the three letter combos.
  15. i could teach a monkey to tig and mig weld, stick can be very difficult depending on position and direction of travel, vertical up is hard. but you want real hard try welding something with a heavy magnetic field in it.
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