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  1. I say top it off with fresh stuff and seafoam. Then run it till the filter starts too clog. I've ran gas that looked like antifreeze without issue and odd cocktails. If it'll burn a gasser will run on it.
  2. I ban ^ Guy because he never brought me a burrito last time I was in seattle.
  3. Congratulations on the recovery of the little one.
  4. Pull the intake. Take pics of the gasket. It sounds like a bad ass intake leak. FYI, you will loose cylinders (not compression) from this. Take the 5 minutes too do so. Might end up saving you some money. Not that I really care. Just giving advice.
  5. Did you remove the valve cover? What did the intake manifold gasket look like?
  6. I will assume you don't know how too get a wet reading.
  7. What was the problem with the factory engine? Besides it having a dead cylinder. Did you ever even look into it?
  8. Yes. But that requires machine work. Kyle wont do that.
  9. No problem. Only one I'm looking too piss off is Kyle. Now. Back too the important stuff. Lets see more speedo's.
  10. Doesn't matter. You'll have it two weeks and then want a 4runner.
  11. Sure. I' not even bringing up the 660's I'm on at the moment. I am relaxed and laughing at you.
  12. Bucket and glare on the screen blinded me. Oh well. cant be right all the time.
  13. And the Grinch. Local mud truck. 1500hp. 65k http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/cto/4299629614.html
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBhqBLR5KUIDimebag - Twisted.
  15. Me and Adam where both wondering how much compression it gained by washing it? That's a Ranger by the bumper Nunya.
  16. Only wing that looks good are on Dodge areo cars.

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