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  1. The bolts that secure the calipers to the steering knuckle are up for replacement. Does anyone know the original Nissan spec? Looking at what's come off on mine, they're hex heads stamped 6 and appear to be 1/2" 20 unf (?) . I would have thought they should be metric M12 1.25 thread. A M12 x 1.25 above 8.8 grade (with a hex head) is a rare thing around here.. To add to this, the old bolts wont thread into new/ refurb calipers. Which again makes me doubt the old set up.
  2. Maybe its for carrying timber/pipe.
  3. Are we talking fast zombies or slow zombies?
  4. You could wait for a decent truck to come up for sale on the forum. They're usually pretty well documented so you'd know what you were getting. I'd also narrow the list of alternative trucks by getting rid of anything without a frame, ie no unibodies. The more metal under you the better.
  5. I reckon I'll be finding room for a cheap driver + a few decent (Koken?) bits in the near future. Not used any Koken before, could be a good test for them. I'm one of them daft people that like to have the right tool for the job. Thanks again
  6. Has any had much use of these? I can think of a few times when having one would of saved alot of ball ache (if they do work). But, I'm having a hard time finding any decent reviews/ info about them. Here's a pic for reference.. Cheers gents.
  7. If the rear of a 1992 WD21 has discs/rotors, does this increase the chances of it also having a LSD?
  8. In the UK and i guess other civilisations under mass surveillance (?) you get 'car cloning' where you get the reg of a similar vehicle and put it on your own. So your car might be uninsured with no road tax or MOT (yearly inspection) but you can pretend to have all those things. If you were doing that sort of thing, you'd probably search the car ads for candidates.. And if you saw one that is blurred out, you would just move onto the next. In conclusion, it takes miminal effort that could save alot of future agro. As you say in point 4, you could just go view it and get the details..
  9. That GTR looks like its straight out of a Power Rangers movie.
  10. How about breaking it down into stages and re-evalulate at each one. Say, make it solid, then run electric motor via generator then progress onto batteries. Actually dont do anything, you'll be expected to sort the purple paving with the bug out the way. Turn it into a BugBQ.
  11. 我转向日本 我想我转向日本 我真的这么认为.. http://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/Pathfinder/1997_Pathfinder/ha.pdf Page 33?
  12. I dont know anyone that does. I went as far as using Shell Helix which has a built in detergent in for the first few changes and then moved onto whatever oil takes my fancy. If you were really concerned you could get your used oil tested.
  13. Ah that sounds pretty idyiic. I wont tell you about the flood damage around Seaton and Looe.. Whitsand bay is as beautiful as ever I have found http://www.offroadexpress.co.nz/ to be very informative for WD21s. It's a New Zealand offroading forum but every other member seems to have Pathfinder/ Terrano and know their stuff. Might be worth a rummage. If there are no clues in there i'd go as far as to say its going to be a rebuild of self discovery.
  14. The R20 diesel was turbo from day one (1993) and the autobox was available in that 93-96 period. They jiggled it about in 1996 with some significant changes like the intercooler and fueling. I dont know if the autobox specs changed at that point but the manual box was definitely altered. If you could find the FSM for that 93-96 period that would be your best bet. Redruth! I don't even like going over the Tamar these days I dont know how you made it to Canadia. I drove through there the other day getting to Stithians reservoir. I can assure you it's still there and not changed since you left. I'm from the Seaton/ Downderry area and know naff all about autos and the witchcraft inside goodluck!

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