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    95 Nissan pathfinder xe 4x4, tanish color, gray interior. Has the 4x4parts 3inch lift kit. Have a 12k winch installation to get done. Tires and wheels are new, tires are Goodyear duratrac's 32inch on 16inch. Mile Marker hubs. It has all the se features less the sunroof and upgraded seats. Spare tire carrier and roof rack are factory installed though !!
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    Roy Washington
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    Standalone Tool Chest Mechanic
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Roy, Washington
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    United States
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    Loving my wife,Truck driving, hunting, 4x4ing, outdoor activities, building projects,and most of all, giving praise to our savior/creator above. Oh yeah..way to Go Seahawks!!

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  1. If i still have the pathy i think it would be fun. Live in the Roy area so its close. Also depends on the day, only have thurs and fridays off. Let me know if you go..
  2. Wheres every one at, pretty quite in here.

    1. BrianD


      Look up my post - cranks but won't fire - I got sum great advice and a link with step by step tests..( the link won't open now for sum reason) but I was told I can't buy a coil by itself - I will have to buy an entire distributor..but I found the coil for $20 - see my link.


  3. I'm back, and still have my 95 pathfinder, everything's good with truck less a nad window regulator. Cant give up on her ye eet

  4. Got it back from the guy who was going 2 paint up for me. That was months ago, so yep I never sold her. And still needs paint lol
  5. dang starter went out, got oil soaked. now i want to blow truck up. this insane

  6. crud crud crud... darn it I would have been in for a run if I could have been home. Started new runs with Do it Best store's. We be home on Sundays every week now. I might be able to get in a run soon. I'm sure that the old girl has it in her. We might need oars though with all the rain this week. LOL. Thx for the invite though.
  7. After letting the 95 sit for the last 3 months, I charge up the battery and took for a spin. Still fun little toy. Just no time to enjoy the fruits of the labor.
  8. I went with 16 inch rims instead of 15. My tires iirc are just over 10.5 at 10.685 per Goodyear. Metric sizes but conversation is 32/10.685x16. I have the Goodyear duratracs great tire so far.
  9. Again, I would say the ac lift from 4x4.com would be a great lift to work with. I installed 32 inch tires with the 3 inch of lifting. I'm very happy with the results. You can see my ride in reader's rides under my 95 nissan pathfinder build. Or thru my friend's page. Hopefully this helps.
  10. Check out the 4x4.com site, a lot of us have installed the complete 3inch lift system. It's a bolt on system with no fabrication required. I have a package installed on my 95 pathfinder and was able to do the whole thing in about two full days of hrs by myself. You can see the difference between stock and lifted really quick. It's a pretty straight forward install. Hopefully this helps you out. Good luck.
  11. Didn't do anything to it per say, but the wife and I have been discussing the possibility of selling it. We will be getting a 78 ford pu from the father in law for free and am going to need the money to do upgrades. Hey free is free and it's only got 76000 original miles.
  12. Started right up. The harbor freight solar-powered charger has been a nice little safety net, works really well. Put 5 gallons gasoline in so i can get it to the gas station for fill up. Started to pressure wash all the pine needles and moss off from sitting all winter here in the wet weather conditions, i say started because the stupid thing quit working after only a 1/4 of the wash completed. Hopefully will be able to get out Sunday for agood trail run up at Elbe off road area.
  13. Licensed it. Drove to Dr appointment, pulled out the driving lights to install the nissan brush guard and low and behold the job is 2 brackets short, the member I bought it from said. .... it was completely intact and all braces/brackets came with, well as you can tell it's the chance you take when you buy unseen. ..back 2 the drawing board lol.
  14. Pb blaster and a torch works in a bind. I confess though, I used my press...
  15. I have it mounted to the passenger side window. It's the best side for catching the sun where it'sparked. IIt's got suction cups and allows for moving it around as needed. So far it seems to be working good.

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