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  1. I mostly want to soften the oily carbon deposit in the runners and maybe float some loose oil remaining in oil passages. after I return home I'm going to properly pressure wash, degrease, and process them down to clean bare aluminum blocks. I was wondering would it doing more harm than good? I think i heard once that aluminum can't be left in a dawn water solution for long periods of time.
  2. I have a grimey miata cylinder head and intake manifold to clean before a port and "polish" later. I have stripped everything off to the bare block and valve guides. We are leaving on a 12 day roadtrip in a few weeks - would it bad to soak in a container in fresh water in the Texas sun to soften the grime to ease progress when I return? Also is there something mild enough to add to aid in the process? I imagine I wouldn't want a head stewing in dawn or simple green in 100° heat. Am I wrong?
  3. Decision made, looks like a vg30e rebuild is in order. I would love to do a "cool" swap , but i will save it something ... faster. I want to keep the personality of the truck. On the other hand, it is going to be open, apart, on the bench, a pair of cams may just fall in the heads,a die grind stumble in opening up some openings, bigger values might... ok ok ok I'm drop some old school hot rodding skill on the Asian beast. This will also be time fix more problems she has. This is going to be a slow build , this has forced my hand to start a daily driven project (because I can't have a "normal"DD and I can't settle for a running stock car.) I just move out to the less urban area, so a backroad blaster is in order.
  4. Almost a year ago, I was driving home . About 4 blocks away at a red light, I notice a tick feeling in my shifter . It grew while sitting there, to audible tumbling rock in can and bigger feeling in shifter. Limped her home. Just doing a rush job on my clutch a month before I figured , it was a bolt loose or something dumb. Pushed her in the garage. Fast forward to yesterday, moving day . Pushed her out to load her on a trailer. Went to crank it to help load it up the ramps. There is loud clanking like something is hitting the inside of the oil pan. I knew it was a matter of time for the engine to go. It's time to cut my loses and let go of a good friend... nah, I just need to figure what the next phase looks like. Straight rebuild vg30et? 1uz?
  5. I fell in love with the concept of a stripped, lowered, and swapped 810. I plan on swapping a RB25DET, meanwhile thrashing the L28 while sqaring away the suspension and brakes and whatnot. I can find heaps of RBs but I have only run across one 810 sedan (but since has disappeared from Craigslist). I want to stay away from wagons because of the solid axle. I like the twin rectangle headlight years, but older will do. Ideally I would like to find one running, but if not running it would obviously have to be in a close location, since I would have to trailer it. What's the chances of anyone on here having/knowing of any such vehicle?
  6. Wow, can I get the part number on those coilovers?
  7. I'm thinking about going black pacesetter with a "fireproof" paint job. Thoughts?
  8. Yay.an another texas member and welcome to NPora.
  9. http://www.marks4wd.com/patrol-portal-axles.html This is close. I can see it working with a LOT of fab.
  10. I left my plug open over night, but that's me. It's drain and fill. Fill though your shift hole for your full 5.1.
  11. +1 with redline, stuff is not cheap but my trans runs so much smoother. I thinking about running redline in My diffs.
  12. New filters and a good cleaning goes a good way. There are header but I wouldn't call it easy or a bolt on . You can build a snorkel, in theory get a ram air effect, colder air and the ability fort rivers. Exhaust "upgrades",muffler, high flow cat, bigger pipe, making a less restrictive passage. cams,pod filters,bigger maf, turbo engine swap blah blah blah. There are things you can do but cheap and easy are not words used. But if it can be done to a vg30 someone on this forum has done it. Ask questions Wd21 Nismo parts still exist, and 4x4parts is a good site to start,dream big. And we love pics.
  13. Cams, Go vg30et?. There is still nismo parts for vg30e around.

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