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  1. Unless you`re planing on having your rear wheels off the ground often, you don`t need longer shocks... In case you are still looking for just the lift, have a look here. : sfcreation.com
  2. The placement does not really matters, as long as you place them at the same place on both sides... You see you can decide to either to push out the bottom part of the strut, or to pull in the top part... same results, different method. Now you having different camber on each sides, brings me to doubt the installation and rotation of the top plates... did you install the spacers yourself ? Did you follow the instruction on my video/website ? If you do not clock the spring with the top plate properly, the camber can be all screwed up.... either that or you have a bent control arm.... S.
  3. Camber bolts are for your camber adjustment... if you have toe issue, then you must have had them before the lift... how's your tie-rod ends ?? usually the camber bolt is placed at the bottom in order to push out the bottom of strut to bring back the camber specs.... you can also, use a second set on top to bring the strut in when 1 set is not enough...
  4. ebay, amazon. look for 14mm camber bolts. they fit on amny vehicles.... this will be your cheapest way...
  5. hey Thanks for the good words. Helping in here is pretty much a given from everyone.. This forum has been very good to me from the beginning , when I just bought my pathfinder to now, selling parts for it. As for linking my id in the forum..I guess the issue is when people access the forum from tapatalk... This app does not display the signatures.... and this is where I'm counting on the this to follow all my post so people knows that it's me... I guess if you access the forum from a web page directly , you should see my signature and therefore realize that it's me.... If you have any suggestions for making a better job at it, please tell ! :-) Cheers,.
  6. I know chain guides can wear out and cause cliking noise, but never heard of a chain breaking on the 3.5.... i'm sure others will chime in with their experiences....
  7. Wow... I don't know why I have not seen this thread before, but I just went through it and let me tell you sir... You've got my respect now that I see that you're tackling this in your driveway !.. I bet after this, you'll be like me and go around the mud and water holes LOL... Keep it up.. I can't wait to read what's next. S.
  8. I posted a video lately about this... definitely a bad pre-cat o2 sensor can wreck havoc in your fuel trims. Are you able to look at the o2 data ?
  9. I personally went with these from goodridge. : http://www.autoanything.com/brakes/77A3671A2706469.aspx it is 4" longer than oem and all Stainless steel (braided)... Never had an issue.
  10. Welcome ! You've got some nice upgrades planned !
  11. Have a look here : http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/19867-max-tire-size-vs-lift-kit-used-vs-custom-or-oe-wheels/ you will find many users here with their personal experience with this. Cheers,.
  12. Welcome and have a look at my store for some ideas for lift and other accessories. Cheers,
  13. The strut spacers are installed wrong... they go on top of the top plate..not in between... you run the danger of your strut nut to pop out the threads....

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