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  1. I am trying to rebuild my fan coupling. Part of the reason I think it is not working like it should is that the metal spring that contracts and expand was rusted solid. I have since remove the rust but the middle `pin`where the spring coils in, is not turning... I have tried with a pair of plier to force it to turn, but it won`t budge... I am under the impression that it should be turning when the coil expand due to heat. I have since open up the coupling and I am stuck there... I don`t want to force it more than I have to until I can find some info, hopefully, from someone that has some experience with this... I want to get to the other side of the expanding coil so I can unstuck the rotating pin that is connected to the coil.(This is what you see on the first pic)... how can I remove what you see ... is it pressed in, screwed in ??
  2. LOL ! it is a nice place here...
  3. After being part of R50 pathfinder family for so many years, Sfcreation is now looking to enter the R51 Pathfinder one. We will soon bring to market our 1", 1.5" front spacers and our 1",2",3" rear spacers. Now since the R51 pathfinder is IFS and IRS, of course the real height of the lift will be greater than the height of the spacers. This is where you come into play ! 2 options are available: 1) If you have a pathfinder R51 and you live near my location (Ste-Catherine, QC), and willing to drive to it, You'll get the lift kit, and I'll install it with you! Reserve yourself a full day ! Measurements will also be taken for a full set of skidplates. 2) If you are good with tools and are not afraid to use them, I'll send you all the items of the lift kits. You will need to install them, send the pictures and you keep it all. All the spacers have been made using suspension items from an R51 (struts, coils), but now we need pictures and real life data about the height in order to finalize the new product introduction. If you are interessted, please contact me at (info @ sfcreation . com) and send me some pictures of your R51. I am looking for clean and very little (if any) rusted R51. This pathfinder will be immortalized on our web site, facebook page, etc.. so it needs to look good ! Je parle francais aussi.. donc aucun probleme avec ça ! Steve.
  4. if you can smell it, I would think it could be coming from the heater rad... I don't know the 3.3, but if they are easily accessible, I would try to bypass the heater rad simply by connecting the in and out hose. Then run it like this a few days and see if you are still losing coolant.... It could help you figure out where the leak is a bit... Cheers.
  5. Here Are our June-July-August Stars.. Congrats to the owners!! If you are interested in having your truck on our home web page, and that you bought our products, send your pictures as info@sfcreation.com... Keep them coming !!
  6. You are correct. When the hubs are locked, all the normal options are available (2wd,auto,4hi,4lo).. When the hubs are unlocked, only use 2wd. Cheers. S.
  7. Hers's our new March-April-May STARS... ** Congratulation ** !! If you want your truck to be featured on our web site and have our products installed, send us your pictures at info@sfcreation.com !!
  8. Veeeerry niiice !! My kind of work... love it... I'll buy !
  9. Send me a pm or email for your decal.. size, color and will work something out. Steve.
  10. Our Way of saying THANK YOU ! Here are our 4 new stars for the next 3 months ! These are customer's pictures with our products ! If you want your truck to be on the front page of SFCreation.com, **AND** that you have bought our products, send us the best pictures you have at info@sfcreation.com. The winners will be featured on our web site front page for 3 months and will be mentioned here and on Facebook. CHEERS ! Now is the time to showoff your Pathfinder ! Now, for our December-January-February Stars !
  11. Welcome... name suggestion : Cranky ! (It started its life with you with a crank no start...It will make you laugh each time you think about it (once it`s repaired of course lol)
  12. In the FSM the P0755 is this : TCM detects an improper voltage drop when it tries to operate the solenoid valve. Check harness or connectors (The Solenoid circuit is open or shorted) - Solenoid Valve B Again according to the fsm, this solenoid operates with batterie voltage (12-14V)... First thing I would do is verfy that the solenoid is working by applying voltage to it and listening to hear if it moves. if it does, from there I would trace the wire from the TCM to the solenoid. The cable is labeled L/R ( i guess light red ?) from pin 12 of the tcm side, it then goes through 3 connectors. I guess the easiest would be to test the cable at each connectors... I'll try to put the fsm pages for you. S. ** Update The file is available for 90 days : http://wikisend.com/download/391266/p0755.pdf p0755.pdf
  13. nice projects !.. Welcome !
  14. No problems ... You're welcome. Lol Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  15. I do offer some rear spacers for Wd21 : sfcreation.com cheers.

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