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  1. The fsm is right. Too many people torque them and ruin the bearing... it is really about 1 foot/pound (13 in/pound)
  2. have a look here for some setups : http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/19867-max-tire-size-vs-lift-kit-used-vs-custom-or-oe-wheels/
  3. No SFD in the short term. As for the steering extensions, I sent you all the info in private. Cheers.
  4. For the camber bolts, any 14mm will do. The majority of my customers only need 1 per side, but I had a few that needed 2 per side... I guess it really depends on the health of your suspension parts (control arms bushings, etc..) I personally use the ones from ingalls ing. 81260, but I know that moog makes some also. As long as they are 14mm, you`ll be good.
  5. Not sure but I do recall mine were not light http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/20099-fleuryss-path-01/?p=482830 but all this got me thinking about probably a similar system but instead of 3/16 steel, I'm tempted to look at 1/4" or higher aluminium tubing with uhmw for scrape protection... it could be a nice high end rockslider and lighter also... Now that the rear 4" sfd skidplate is finish, I will start on a new product... I just need to choose which one would make more business sens... (also fill a demand)... I'm open to suggestions.. S.
  6. Perfect... Let me know when you're ready for shipping quote. Cheers.
  7. You're right !... What I meant is that passed 75lbs, canadapost will not accept the shipment... it then becomes a LDL pallet shipment...with huge costs for the customer... The shipping would probably end costing more than the product... but I guess I could try finding a solution LOL... Thanks for the comment ! Steve.
  8. here's an interesting video about misfire caused by an o2 sensor even though there is no codes about o2 sensors... this shows how fuel trims can speak to you...
  9. I found these ones also... cheaper !.. http://sfcreation.com/products/max-all-around-lift-kit-2-dot-5-3 http://sfcreation.com/products/2-all-around-lift-kit LOL
  10. What I would like to know is how the interior light, dvd and a black box are related to a misfire...
  11. buy it here for 85$ (after march coupon), shipped to your door... and be ready for a set of skidplates.. http://sfcreation.com/products/control-arm-crosslink
  12. These are a pain to ship... not sure what to think about that..
  13. I am at the final stages of fabrication for a new product for the Sub Frame Drop 4" crew. A rear 1/4" aluminium plate with the proper angles in it that will fit with the rest of my products for a complete solution for under armor. With this final piece of the puzzle, you can have the entire under-body covered from front to back. Pricing coming soon, check the website next week. Cheers. Steve.
  14. It's 25$ for the hardware but then you have to pay for the app... So I guess you need to make sure that you get an app that can read misfire count with this hardware.... I personally use the autel md802 and I have no experience with these bafx products... sorry
  15. misfire count can be seen with an obd2 scanner.. You will be able to see this real time. A vacuum leak is basically a hole in the air path after the mass air flow or around the air intake gasket etc... A visual inspection can be sometime hard to do if it is a small leak.. The best way I feel is using a smoke machine... you can build yourself one for small amount of $.. check youtube on that (diy smoke machine). The fuel trim (short and long) are what the computer is trying to do in order to compensate either for a lean or rich condition. Again this is monitored using a obd2 scanner... If you do not have (or have access) to an obd2 scanner, you can still test a few things but you will need to be able to duplicate the issue while you start troubleshooting.. (like unplugging sparkplug wire and listening if the engine changes sounds or not... etc... But I would try to get a scanner first...
  16. I would probably start by looking at misfire count and see if it's coming from 1 or more cylinders. If it's one cylinder I would investigate for either a low compression in that cylinder or faulty injector. If the misfire counts shows that it is all around, then I would look for a vacuum leak after the maf or the distributor cap (even if it has been changed)... Your short term fuel trim will also speak to you.. At that point, you would definitely need an obd2 tool so that you can see what is going on.. or else, you'll just play the replace part game....
  17. There is a difference between flushing and simply changing the oil. A transmission shudder is exactly the symptoms that you stated. If it is the problem and you do not do anything, you will eventually kill your transmission, so for me it makes no doubts you should try to save it and change the oil and filter. There is still about 50% of the oil that will still be in the torque converter and will mix with the new oil. With this you will see if it gets better or not.... Go watch transmission shudder videos on youtube and see if your issue is the same... You will eventually have to change your trans oil....
  18. When is the last time you changed your transmission oil ? This sounds like trans shudder...
  19. Welcome... Jon could not have said it better ..!

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